• Why Beaches Ocho Rios Might be Perfect for You and Your Kids

    Why Beaches Ocho Rios Might be Perfect for You and Your Kids

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 11, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    Why Beaches Ocho Rios Might be Perfect for You and Your Kids

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    We always focus on the beaches when we recommend most cruises and places, but we need to give a special moment to this captivating tourist beach. Have you ever heard of Beaches Ocho Rios?

    It stands as a haven for families, and is perfectly full of sun, sand, and EXCITEMENT! If you are planning a tropical vacation or getaway, explore this option, it's a wonderful family-friendly resort that is fun for all ages!

    Kid-Friendly Beach

    At the Beaches Ocho Rios, you will quickly find out that the beach is a playground for little adventures. You don’t have to worry, the waves are so gentle that kids are easily running and playing all around but, of course, KEEP an eye on them! 

    With these perks, your kids will build sand castles, swim in the clear waters, and let’s not forget about the beach games. Safety is a PRIORITY, allowing parents to relax a little bit.

    A Pirates Island Waterpark?

    A highlight for families at Beaches Ocho Rios is the Pirates Island Waterpark, which is a magical place of aquatic wonders. You can find from exhilarating water slides to lazy river rides, this waterpark is a paradise for your kids (and for you too). The vibrant colors and playful designs create an atmosphere of pure joy and cheerful experiences.

    Hold on, because there is something more. While the beach and waterpark provide moments full of joy, you can also take a step further. Remember to visit the Kids Camp, which is full of qualified and caring staff that come up with engaging activities from arts and crafts to games and educational adventures. This allows parents to have a private moment alone and enjoy the beaches and other activities as well. 

    Beaches Ocho Rios is an expert in giving you good dining options from casual beachside fare to gourmet culinary experiences. You can find different types of cuisines to please every palate, the resort is making sure that dining is a delicious adventure for EVERYONE.

    If you are a family looking for a beach destination that provides you with good food, luxury spaces, a beach for everyone, and also filled with activities for your kids, Beaches Ocho Rios stands as the best tropical paradise. Start planning your family escape with Famvia to Beaches Ocho Rios and let’s create a beautiful moment together!

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