• Best Time of the Year To Visit Sandals Resorts

Best Time of the Year To Visit Sandals Resorts

Gabriela V.

Created: Apr 01, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024

Best Time of the Year To Visit Sandals Resorts

Best Time for a Sandals Resort Getaway

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If you're planning a Sandals Getaway but are unsure of the optimal time to visit, you're not alone. With numerous activities awaiting you, selecting the perfect moment to visit Sandals can be a dilemma. However, don't worry! Famvia is here to guide you through the seasonal wonders, helping you choose the ideal time to set foot in paradise.


In the Caribbean, the rhythm of the seasons dictates the flow of weather patterns. The dry season serves as the prime window for a Sandals Resort visit. Don't get us wrong, any time is wonderful, but the dry season brings mostly sunny days, making it the optimal choice.


The Wet Season starts from June to November and it coincides with the Atlantic hurricane season so, yes, showers are more frequent during this period. They're typically brief and tend to happen in the late afternoon or evening.

On the other hand, the Dry Season is from December to May, and it offers beautiful clear skies and perfect temperatures. BUT this season is when you witness higher rates and crowds. Better time to travel = more expensive, which makes sense.


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The magic of a Sandals getaway transcends seasons, but crowd preferences can influence the timing of your visit. The Peak season is from mid-December to mid-April. But the off-peak seasons are quite magnificent for a relaxed stay with fewer guests on the beach or at the poolside.


Famvia recommends a late Winter or Early Spring (January - April) trip, because despite the heightened rates and crowds, January, February, and March are the prime months for a Sandals visit.


The runner-up would be late April, May, September through December. This period is characterized by moderate rates and fewer visitors, offering a great alternative with pleasant weather.

Now, choosing the best time for a Sandals getaway will depend on your priorities. So, pick the moment that suits you best and start packing for a journey to paradise whenever your heart desires. And remember, for visiting Sandals, every season is perfect! 

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