• Cocktails Made in Heaven a.k.a. Sandals Resort!

Cocktails Made in Heaven a.k.a. Sandals Resort!

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 18, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2024

Cocktails Made in Heaven a.k.a. Sandals Resort!

Best cocktails to sip at Sandals! 

Sandals Resorts is renowned for its stunning Caribbean beaches. But what if we told you there's one fantastic reason that sets them apart even more? The best part is that it's all unlimited and included during your stay!

We've done our research, and we've discovered the cocktails made in heaven... or should we say Sandals? By popular vote, these are the cocktails that everyone loves, including the Frozen Bob Marley, Hummingbird, Dirty Banana, BBC, Miami Vice, Jamaican Smile, and Purple Rain.

Dirty Banana

This yellow cocktail is a hit among guests at Sandals destinations like Montego Bay, Royal Caribbean, South Coast, Ochi, Negril, Royal Plantation, Barbados, and Emerald Bay. The reason why it is so beloved? In that hot weather, it's like sipping on a smoothie... delicious and totally tropical vibes! Ah, bless bananas, truly the tropicaliest fruit out there.


If you enjoy cocktails that pack a surprise punch, then the Hummingbird is meant for you. It tantalizes your taste buds with a blend of rum cream, Appleton, and hints of banana, creating a deliciously wild flavor. Just be careful, its delightful taste may leave you wanting one after another, but with two, it might just start making its effects known! Keep your friends close if you need someone to give you a glass of water... or just poke you again and again... or maybe slap you once so you can wake up.


This is the most famous drink of Sandals Halcyon Beach, Grenada, and Grande Antigua. Before you take a sip, prepare yourself for a creamy and delicious combination of sweet and tropical flavors. This cocktail is so addictively good, that it'll have you hooked on your next vacation in no time.

Now you can start thinking about which cocktail you are ready to try as soon as you get to your sandals resort getaway! As for us...? Well, we think you should try the three of them! Tell us later on what's your favorite. Send us a message if you have any questions, and we will lend you a hand. Until the next one!

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