• Carnival in the Caribbean Has JUST Started!

    Carnival in the Caribbean Has JUST Started!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 24, 2024

    Last Updated: May 14, 2024

    Carnival in the Caribbean Has JUST Started!

    Carnival in the Caribbean is always a great idea!

    If you are looking for a mix of good music, fun and adventure, you need to be in the Caribbean for a Carnival! These celebrations are more than just parades, they come with history, music, and a temporary feeling of freedom. Here is our mini Guide to the Caribbean Carnival events throughout the year.

    Carnival is celebrated every year and is mostly a testament to the culture from the Caribbean and also Latin America. Having roots in very old celebrations of Italian Catholics in Europe, it later found its way to the Caribbean through the French and Spanish colonialists. Today, islands like Trinidad, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Haiti, Martinique, and more host festivities that celebrate freedom and the region’s African ancestry.

    During the carnival, awesome costumes, mystical characters, and beautiful floats will be the protagonists. This is an event filled with religious traditions and vibrant costumes that symbolize a reversal ritual, allowing revelers to break free from religious norms ahead of the Lenten fast. Characters like Dominican Republic’s El Diablo Cojuelo, and Trinidad Baby Doll and Bookman bring stories and folklore to life during the Carnival Parade.

    Big Business Behind the Festivities

    While Carnival is a cultural celebration, it’s also big business for many brands, event promoters, costume designers, and everyone in between. Most Islands experience a huge influx of tourists during the Carnival Season, and resorts often reach full capacity.

    Hot tip: Book your ticket and reservations soon to secure your spot during the Carnival Season.

    The carnival season starts in November and ends in September, spreading joy through the whole Caribbean. This month we have the Aruba Carnaval which has steel bands with a mix of pulsating salsa beats, marching bands, and more. According to the natives, you haven’t lived until you’ve been to a Carnival in Aruba.

    Next, we have the Bonaire Carnival, where you can enjoy music festivals, parades, and other traditional carnival rituals. The burning of ‘King Mono’ is symbolic in this land, which signifies all the impurities that must disappear before the Lenten fast begins.

    The last one from January is the Saint Martin Carnival. In this one, you can have the best of both worlds in an island that is both Dutch and French. The island is a melting pot of cultures and is a very developed land for its size when compared to the other ones. It has a great entertainment scene, and Carnival is growing bigger and bigger there.

    While this season is just getting started, we have some Carnival Safety Tips for you:

    - Plan transportation in advance.
    - Wear minimal jewelry to avoid attracting attention.
    - Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and a hat.
    - Stay hydrated, especially if indulging in alcoholic beverages.
    - Keep an eye on children in crowded areas.
    - Be cautious with drinks; don't accept anything from strangers.
    - Travel in groups and ensure everyone is present before leaving.
    - Avoid carrying large amounts of money; keep valuables discreet.

    Now get ready to BOOK!

    It’s the perfect time to dance, celebrate, and live life at the 2024 Caribbean Carnivals. Start planning now with us so you can stay safe, and get ready to make memories this year. Send us a message, and let Famvia handle all the details surrounding your next trip to the Caribbean.

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