• Can I SCUBA DIVE at Sandals Resorts?

    Can I SCUBA DIVE at Sandals Resorts?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 24, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Can I SCUBA DIVE at Sandals Resorts?

    One of the main attractions of the Caribbean is, without a doubt, the crystal clear waters where different species of sea life live. That is why it has become one of the top destination options for many adventurers, and Sandals is ready to help you enjoy the ocean life the most.

    It's time to visit the Sea

    Sandals Resorts, besides offering guests the best Caribbean experience in a tranquil and luxurious ambiance, is also well known for its top-rated Scuba Diving program which is aimed at all levels of expertise (or lack thereof). It's certainly a must-do activity when visiting the Caribbean! You will feel like Nemo hanging out with their colorful and cheerful friends, it's such a fun experience. Don't believe us? Just check out the many Nemos in that picture below, aww!

    Scubadiving beaches resorts ocho rios  (1).webp

    There is no excuse to enjoy this wonderful experience, unless you are claustrophobic. Scuba Diving is always included when booking your favorite Sandals Resort, plus the resort offers custom Newton Dive Boats to transport guests to the ideal place... plus top-quality dive equipment! Oh, and a great staff that makes it one of the most comprehensive programs across the Caribbean and Resort industry.

    Is it safe?

    I know, I know, many of us may feel scared (especially first timers) when it comes to ocean activities, but at Sandals you can rest assured that the staff is well-trained and prepared to guarantee a top-level experience. Backed up by over 100,000 PADI Certifications, which make sure that the programs available at the resorts meet the security and safety standards that are required wolrdwide. So, we are truly in great hands at Sandals.

    beaches ocho rios caribbean (6).webp

    Want more fun?

    For experts or adventurous spirits, the resorts also offer Wreck and Night dives (with additional cost). However, if you are not a fan of these options, there are still 30 different dive spots in each resort that will surely make your experience a unique adventure.

    Is your equipment ready?

    If you want to enjoy a dreamy vacation, plus an exceptional experience at one of the most enchanted destinations of all, The Caribbean, this is your moment. Contact our team for more information and let us help you get there faster than a Blue Marlin. We will make sure that you have everything you need for a wonderful Scuba Diving experience!

    Until the next one, friend!

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