• Tipping Butlers During Your Sandals Vacation

Tipping Butlers During Your Sandals Vacation

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 10, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

Tipping Butlers During Your Sandals Vacation

A few Tips for you as well

It’s always fun to talk about Sandals. The scorching sun, beautiful beaches, free food… ahhh, it looks like you hopped on a plane straight to paradise where you don’t need to worry about your job, or taxes, or what’s going on back home. Yeah, it’s good, just like vacations are supposed to be.

There is, however, a small question that guests often ask themselves when they finally set foot on Sandals:

Uhh… so, how and when do I actually tip my butlers?” 


We are talking about the individual that is helping you out daily if you are staying in a butler-level suite, and also your personal butler that you may hire when you decide to stay in a private bungalow to enjoy the perfect honeymoon. 

Before diving in deeper, here is something you should know: most staff in Sandals do not accept tips, since this, in theory, is part of your “all-inclusive” rate. Only butlers and Sandals spa personnel are officially allowed to receive tips. Interesting, huh?

Keep this in mind!

  • Butlers do not tip share. This means that you should tip each one individually.
  • Butlers usually prefer to be tipped daily. For your convenience, however, it is better to tip at the end of your stay. That way, you can tip your butler based on how happy you were with their service.
  • It’s a good idea to talk to your butler and explain that you plan on tipping at the end of your stay. You might also ask when is their last shift with you, in case they leave before your vacation is over. You also make things easier for your butler since they don't get anxious wondering if they are receiving any tips, and might even show a better service to get better tips!
  • You should compliment your favorite butlers to their managers or the front desk team. Sometimes, a good word of mouth can do wonders to their careers and they are certainly appreciated.
  • A lot of people say that a butler should be tipped around $20 per day. Of course, this amount will vary based on how happy you were with their service.
  • For the spa personnel, you should give them a tip equal to 15-20% of your total bill.
  • Almost always you will be tipping in USD and in cash. So… make sure to bring cash with you! You can always ask the front desk where you can exchange money if you need more, by the way.

There you go! That's not hard, right? make sure to tip people for their awesome service, and compliment them to their bosses whenever you can. This is essential to keep the service getting better and better! If you didn't like how you were treated, it's also completely fair to talk to their managers and explain the situtation. 

What about you, do you prefer to tip your butlers daily, or just at the end of your stay? Feel free to share your pro tips with us and until the next one!

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