• AquaThrills: Activities for Couples at Sandals Resorts

    AquaThrills: Activities for Couples at Sandals Resorts

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 23, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024


    Here's a Mini Guide for couples that love water activities in the Caribbean!

    Ready to get on a romantic getaway in the Caribbean? You can upgrade your experience with a variety of aquatic sports at Sandals Resorts, where the sun-kissed beaches and crystal-clear waters are the perfect background for your future adventures. 

    Here’s a mini guide on how you and your partner can make a splash and create memories together.


    You can explore the vibrant marine life in one snorkeling escapade. Sandals Resorts offers complimentary snorkeling gear, allowing you to discover the beauty under vibrant corals. You will get the chance to see the colorful coral reefs and swim with tropical fishes!

    Kayaking for two

    Nothing more romantic than paddling into the sunset with a tandem kayaking adventure. Sandals provide complimentary kayaks, allowing you to explore the relaxing Caribbean sea in a different and fun way.


    For couples who are looking for a bit more adrenaline, try your hand at windsurfing. Sandals Resorts offers professional instruction and TOP equipment so you don’t have to worry. Feel the rush of the wind and test the waves (and your skills).


    There is a feeling of perfection when you get to paddleboarding, something between relaxing and chilling. Sandals resorts offer paddleboards for couples so you can explore the calm waters at your own pace. Get some sun and relax in the Caribbean waters.

    Scuba Diving Adventurers

    You can dive deep and explore a whole new world with a scuba diving tour. Sandals Resorts provides certified courses, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced diver. You will explore vibrant coral gardens and find marine life you won't find anywhere else.

    Jet Skiing

    Pure adrenaline is what Jet Skiing excitement is about. Hop on a jet ski and ride the waves with your loved one. Sandals Resorts offers jet ski rentals, this is going to give you the experience of of high-speed adventure while enjoying the picturesque coastline of the Caribbean.

    If you are planning on visiting Sandals Resorts, the opportunities for waters activities are something you should consider. There are options for everyone! Send us a message and we will make sure to give you extra tips, or give you good recommendations for Sandals Resorts where you can find activities that are suited for your needs.

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