• Our Quick Guide to Butlers in Sandals Resorts

Our Quick Guide to Butlers in Sandals Resorts

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 12, 2024

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Our Quick Guide to Butlers in Sandals Resorts

To Butler or not to Butler, that is the question

Close your eyes.

This time, you're planning the perfect vacation at Sandals. You're not just excited about the free food, drinks, and snorkeling alongside sea turtles and starfish, you're aiming for an extraordinary experience. Perhaps it's your honeymoon, and you want to ensure you and your partner have the time of your lives. 

That's why you've booked a butler suite room. It's going to be incredible! With someone there to assist you 24/7, making reservations and... But wait, how do I find out who my butler is? Will I meet them before I arrive? Will they handle my airport transfer? Do they know I hate peanuts? Oh, God, so many questions!

Relax, we're here to provide you with some essential tips on what to expect when you hire a butler at Sandals.


What you need to know

First things first: Is it worth it to book a room with a butler? Many online reviewers would say yes, especially for first-time visitors to Sandals. Guests often find the assistance invaluable when making dining reservations and arranging water activities. However, repeat guests who are more familiar with the resort may feel less reliant on a butler's services.

The service can be particularly excellent if you're celebrating a special occasion like your honeymoon. However, if you prioritize privacy, you may opt to forego this service.


Let's simplify things for you by breaking down our tips.

  • Butler suite prices vary depending on factors such as the suite type and amenities included. Generally, prices start at around $500 per night, but this can vary depending on the specific resort.
  • Your butler doesn’t handle airport transfers, this is all up to Sandals. Contact Sandals prior to your visit and inform them you need a transfer from the airport all the way to the comfort of your room.
  • Make sure to download the Sandals & Beaches App on your phone. There, you can actually fill a form with your preferences for your butler. You can also do this through the main website. Go to the Sandals website, and then find the "already booked" link on the top right side. Enter your reservation number and you should have a link named "Butler Preferences".
  • You should also get a butler preference form in your e-mail two weeks before your trip. If you have special requests, write it down there as early as possible.
  • Filling the form as early as possible is especially important when you want to make restaurant reservations in advance. Write down your restaurant choices and the time you would like to eat, and your butler will make reservations in advance for you.
    You will meet your butler during check-in. Basically, you will get to know him from the moment you set foot in Sandals!
  • Your butler will give you… a phone. Yes, a phone, which is used primarily to keep in touch with him if you need anything.
  • Butlers can handle your dinner reservations according to your preferences. Just inform them of your preferred drinks, snack and dessert timings, even if you'd like a romantic dinner in your room. Your Butler is there to assist with anything you need.
  • You can even request your butler to purchase items for you off-site. For instance, if you find cigars too pricey at Sandals, you can provide your butler with cash for the cigars and transportation, and they'll procure the items you need.
  • You should tip your butler appropriately. Many butlers prefer to receive tips daily, with the average tip amounting to around $20-25. However, some guests opt to tip them on the last day of their shift instead.

Ready to get a butler level suite?

We hope you enjoyed our brief guide about butlers at Sandals. Choosing one of these suites depends on your personal preferences and needs. Butlers certainly make everything easier for you, but they also come with a higher price tag and a bit less privacy for most guests.

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