• Should Tipping Be Allowed at Sandals?

Should Tipping Be Allowed at Sandals?

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: May 31, 2024

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2024

Should Tipping Be Allowed at Sandals?

To Tip or not to Tip?

You probably know by now that Sandals and its sister brand Beaches Resorts are all about an all-inclusive vacation. This means that you pay for your flight ticket and your room, and then you are basically set for your entire trip. Drinks? They are included. Food? Also included. Tips? Yep, included, although there are a few rare cases where you should tip staff members. 
More often than not, you can spend an entire vacation at Sandals without worrying about where you put your wallet... until it’s time to fly back home, that is.

Currently, tipping is only expected for butlers (if you're staying in a Butler suite) and spa staff. In fact, some employees even wear buttons that say “no tipping”, encouraging guests to simply relax, order their food, and enjoy their vacation without worrying about spending extra money.

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The Pros of a no-tipping policy

It's easy to see why a no-tipping policy might benefit guests: it helps them save money! Tipping can quickly add up, especially when you tally it at the end of your trip. This is even more significant for international visitors who must tip in USD. Additionally, it's a convenient way to avoid carrying your wallet everywhere. At a beach resort, most people want to relax and stroll around with as little baggage as possible. Carrying a wallet filled with cash can be cumbersome in such settings.

Another reason why this policy is likely to endure is because it serves as a highly effective marketing strategy for attracting new guests. The allure of an “all-inclusive” experience where tipping is not required is a major draw for many travelers. The prospect of paying less overall makes the beach resort even more appealing, after all.

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…and now the cons!

So, what are the reasons for guests to want to actually tip staff members? The main reason is also very simple: we want to reward good service. We usually do this in every restaurant we visit, or for any service that we hire, so why not for a Beach Resort as well?

The second reason is a bit more nuanced. If you browse through forums on Reddit or other online platforms, you'll find guests expressing concerns that staff members may lack motivation to provide exceptional service if they don't receive tips. While I've personally never had any issues at Sandals and have always been treated very well, I can certainly understand this perspective. 

Even if staff members always maintain a positive attitude and provide excellent customer service, they may feel demotivated knowing they won't receive additional compensation for their efforts. This creates a situation where those who provide exceptional service may earn the same as those who are less engaged or helpful.

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What about you?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on whether tips should be allowed throughout Sandals resorts. We recognize this is a delicate topic, and we can see both positives and negatives for each side of the debate. 

Speaking for myself, I might consider implementing a policy where tipping is encouraged at selective restaurants, or perhaps expanding the scope of staff members eligible for tips beyond just butlers and spa staff. This approach could provide an opportunity to gauge the overall guest response and evaluate the impact on the resort experience.

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