• Limited-Time Festivals in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Limited-Time Festivals in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 14, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2024

Limited-Time Festivals in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Explore the Caribbean during “Party Time”

Sandals Resorts has always been one of our favorite vacation options for so many reasons, but the number one can be summed up in one word: location. You may be asking, are you crazy, aren’t they in the middle of the Caribbean Sea far from my house!?

Yes, but that’s a good thing. Situated amidst the Caribbean, they offer a welcome respite from the everyday routine and the familiar scenery typically seen from your room window. And let's be honest, we all grow tired of looking through our windows.

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Today, we're offering more than just a fantastic location, we're showcasing incredible events that could become highlights of your next trip to this tropical paradise. Grab your sunglasses, because we're jetting off to the Caribbean right now!

Seasonal time at Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

If your dream vacation at Sandals Resorts involves more than just spending a full day at the spa or trying out as many restaurants as possible, but also includes partying and embracing the cultural exchange that the island has to offer, then consider this your sign.

There are many special times in the year which are perfect for you to have a blast at Saint Vincent, and we want to share with you some of them. That’s right. we've got you covered with the respective months and all the details, so you can mark your calendars and start packing your swimsuit and sunscreen for a fun getaway. Let's dive in!

Vinci Mas

This is a Saint Vincent Carnival which is known for being a vibrant festival that features incredible parades, costumes, great music, and, of course, tons of dancing. Yep, it's the ideal moment to flaunt those secret dance moves your feet have been itching to showcase. With numerous parties and shows taking place during this time of year, it's an unmissable opportunity for party enthusiasts.

Months of the year: June & July

How can I be part of it?

Contact our team, and we can help you with that. If you wish to give it a try on your own, you need to sign up with a local carnival band (online). Try to do it as soon as possible, because costumes sell like hotcakes.

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The Bequia Music Fest

In the Saint Vincent & The Grenadines region, Bequia holds the title of being the largest among them all. With its dazzling beaches, lush landscapes, and renowned festival, it has become a favored destination for visitors. The Music Fest gathers musicians from around the globe, showcasing international, regional, and local talent across a diverse range of genres, providing unforgettable performances for all who visit the island.

Month of the year: January (specific dates)

Independence Day

For this special day, guests can expect wonderful parades, festivals and events happening all around the island. This is the perfect opportunity to experience the local culture in the foreground.

Months of the year: October 27th

Have you chosen your favorite time to visit?

If you happen to travel on any of these dates, do not hesitate to contact our team and we can help you get the most out of your vacation at any of these special events. Even if you're not at the resort, where the party continues without interruption, we're here to help ensure you have a fantastic time.

Your dream vacation is just a few clicks away, our team is ready to assist you in any possible way and plan the perfect getaway for you!

Until the next one, friend!

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