• Sandals Saint Vincent Is Set To Open in Just a Month!

Sandals Saint Vincent Is Set To Open in Just a Month!

Gabriela V.

Created: Feb 28, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

Sandals Saint Vincent Is Set To Open in Just a Month!

Sandals Saint Vincent is an experience that redefines Caribbean Luxury

This NEW paradise is opening soon! In just a few weeks, on March 27, 2024, travelers will embark on a journey into a new era of all-inclusive luxury travel.

Sandals Saint Vincent embodies the essence of balance, discovery, nature, wellness, community, and exclusivity. Guests are invited to embark on a transformative exploration through meticulously crafted activities that honor the beauty and rhythms of Saint Vincent.

Prepare to be captivated by the amaaazing accommodations that await. Let's dive right in!


From the moment you set foot at Argyle International Airport (SVD), you will be treated as if you are in paradise. Exclusive Butler guests will enjoy a private boat transfer to the resort, where they will be greeted with the soothing sounds of live Caribbean music and the best signature cocktails.

What can you do?

Bet Cave Kayak

You can start your visit by paddling through the calm waters, and don’t worry, because the cave is just a short distance from the resort. You will enjoy the silence and amazing views during this mysterious adventure.

Bike Tours

If the Cave sounds a bit daunting, consider cycling around the resort as a relaxing and exploratory alternative. It's a perfect opportunity to unwind, delve into self-reflection, and maybe even find hidden treasures! Like a true pirate, yarr!

Sunset Paddleboarding

As the sun begins its descent, prepare yourself for a breathtaking spectacle. The sky transforms into a mesmerizing canvas of oranges and pinks, casting a magical glow over the Caribbean. Nah, it's not Disney, it's Sandals! 

Taste of Saint Vincent

If food is your passion, get ready for cooking classes where you'll uncover the rich flavors and ingredients unique to this island. Treat yourself to handcrafted popsicles crafted from fresh fruits and coconut water. Original, fun... and delicious!

Liquid Sunshine Experience

Rainy days in the Caribbean? Oh noes. It doesn’t sound like the best thing in the world, but those days become opportunities for cozy indoor gatherings, complete with board games and live entertainment.

Nights to remember

When night comes, Sandals Saint Vincent transforms into a real movie with Carnival Sunset Parties taking place every week at the beach club. Movies under the stars offer cinematic magic, with classic films and contemporary favorites captivating guests.

If you want something more artistic, you can always choose to try the Sip & Paint sessions that take place by the beach or riverside once a week.

Sandals Saint Vincent is more than ready to welcome you, and we are also ready to book your stay in this paradise! Do you have any questions? Send us a message, and let Famvia handle everything for you.

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