• Are Carnival Cruise DRINK PACKAGES Worth It?

    Are Carnival Cruise DRINK PACKAGES Worth It?

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 31, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Are Carnival Cruise DRINK PACKAGES Worth It?

    Will it save you money on your next cruise?

    A cruise vacation doesn’t feel the same without a cocktail, a glass of wine, or frozen drinks, right? You might be wondering, is the drink package worth it in the end? Hm! Today, we are going to help you answering that question.

    A few days ago we were talking about the beauty of going on a cruise, because almost everything is included in your ticket price. However, when you are out there navigating the high seas, there is one thing you will spend a lot of dollars on: drinks.

    Let's take Carnival Cruise Line as an example. They take care of drinks by covering almost all you want including alcoholic drinks under one price per day. This will save you money on your cruise if you plan it well, since you will really enjoy those margaritas.

    But, what’s included in the Carnival Cheers drink package?

    The first thing we need to remember is that some beverages are already included in your standard Carnival Cruise fare like Non-Bottled water, lemonade, unsweetened iced tea, hot chocolate, and classics like coffee, tea, and natural juices.

    So, what the Carnival Cheers package includes is all spirits, cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass up to $20. Also included are these additional non-alcoholic drinks: Sodas, Smoothies, Milkshakes, Specialty coffee, virgin drinks, energy drinks, standard 500-milliliter water bottles, and some other nonalcoholic bottled beverages.

    This package from Carnival Cruise covers almost everything, but there are some exceptions:

    Bottles of alcohol (except beer)
    Large shareable drinks like pitchers
    Drinks in souvenir glasses
    Room service or minibar drinks
    Drinks from automated wine dispensers 
    Drinks are offered at the gangway or at any port of call.

    So, how much does it cost?

    The Carnival Cheers package price starts at $59.95 per person, plus the 18% service fee if you buy it online, but if you wait to get it until you are onboard it will cost you $64.95 plus the 18% service.

    Hold on, there is one rule that you need to know before you leave! If one person in your cabin purchases the Cheers package, then every adult age 21 or over has to buy it as well. This is to avoid sharing free drinks while paying for one package only.

    Do I have any sort of limit to my drinks?

    Yes, your limit is 15 alcoholic drinks per 24-hour period running from 6:00 am to 6: 00 am the next day. And if anyone looks like they are drinking beyond their personal limits, staff members are trained to not serve you.

    The answer to whether or not the package is worth it will depend on how much alcohol you are planning to drink and how many days you have to take advantage of it. To get to the best answer you probably have to do the math of how much would you spend without the drinking package and how much you'd spend with one.

    We researched prices for you so you can do the math:  

    Beer: starting at $6.50 
    Wine by the glass: starting at $9.50
    Mixed drinks: $7.50 to $20
    Specialty cocktails: starting at $10.50 
    Soft drinks: $2.75
    Specialty coffee: $2.50 to $4.25
    Energy drinks: $4.95
    Water: $1.50 to $5

    Now you can decide where to start booking with Famvia your next Cruise adventure, would it be with Carnival? Princess? Royal Caribbean? Are you planning on a Drink Package or not? Well, we can help you out not only by setting up your entire trip but by answering those questions as well.

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