• Carnival Cruise passengers face unexpected price hikes

    Carnival Cruise passengers face unexpected price hikes

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 07, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 08, 2023

    Carnival Cruise passengers face unexpected price hikes


    Carnival Cruise Line has increased its prices for several specialty dining venues across its entire fleet, catching many guests off guard. 

    This has been effective since December 1, 2023. The new prices impact various dining spots, with some significant changes, particularly at the Chef’s Table.

    The Chef’s Table, known for its fluctuating prices based on ship and sailing factors, has experienced a substantial surge. The maximum price, which was previously $99, has surged to $150! Yeah, that's a 52% increase. 

    Carnival Cruise

    What it used to be priced between $80 and $99, the Chef’s Table now falls within the $90 to $150 range, excluding the 18% automatic gratuity. Guests who decide to opt for the most expensive Chef’s Table experience will now pay a total of $177.

    We have other specialty dining venues that have also witnessed price adjustments:

    - Bonsai Teppanyaki: $38 for lunch (a $3 increase) 
    - Cucina del Capitano: $24 (a $6 increase)
    - JiJi Asian Kitchen: $24 (a $6 increase)
    - Rudi’s Seagrill: $49 (a $1 increase)
    - Steakhouse: $49 (a $1 increase)

    Carnival Cruise Line Thanksgiving Turkey

    Keep calm!

    It's noteworthy that the Cucina del Capitano venues on Excel-class ships (Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration, and Carnival Jubilee) differ, offering one complimentary dinner and subsequent meals at just $8.

    This time it's different because Carnival is used to inform their guests in advance about price adjustments, these dining cost hikes occurred without warning. There is some speculation that these changes might be temporary.

    Wifi is more expensive too?

    Carnival Lines has also announced an increase in WiFi prices around the same time as the dining adjustments:

    - Social Plan:$15.30 per day in advance, $18 per day onboard (a $2.55 increase)
    - Value Plan: $19.55 per day in advance, $23 per day onboard (a $3 increase)
    - Premium Plan: $21.25 per day in advance, $25 per day onboard (a $3 increase)

    Carnival Cruise

    The unannounced changes to both dining and WiFi prices have left guests and everyone wondering about Carnival Cruise Line's motivations behind these adjustments. It seems to be something we'll never know.

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