• Consider Going to Hawaii With Carnival Cruise Line

    Consider Going to Hawaii With Carnival Cruise Line

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 09, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Consider Going to Hawaii With Carnival Cruise Line

    Thinking of a sun-kissed getaway? Then Carnival cruises might be the answer you were looking for!

    If you wish to have fun and relax in a tropical paradise, there is no better place than Carnival Cruises with a gorgeous trip to Hawaii. They are truly magical and unique in their own way, and they offer passengers a memorable experience from beginning to end. Are you ready for your next vacation?

    Why visit Hawaii?

    I know, Carnival Cruises offers several destinations around the globe (The Caribbean, Alaska, Australia, Europe, and so much more), and choosing just one can be a hard task sometimes. However, we are here to help you out and show why Hawaii could be your next destination.

    The wonderful group of islands that make up this breathtaking destination are simply unique and naturally beautiful, allowing visitors to feel immersed in its culture and landscapes like never before. 

    Are you already in love with all the pictures? They are simply out of this world and so beautiful! That is Hawaii, after all.

    Passengers get to enjoy the incredible onboard activities and comforts which are a trademark of Carnival Cruises, and they will also get to experience some remarkable off-board activities. Explore all the islands, swim in unique waterfalls, and have a swim at the beautiful beaches. 

    So to sum it up, some of the experience highlights are:

    • Come face to face with a volcanic mountain (how exciting!)
    • Enjoy some of the most famous and well-known beaches in the world. 
    • Be part of a fun and joyful luau, will your hips don’t lie while you dance the hula, how fun!
    • Get to see where they filmed Lost! Anyone out there remember this TV series? Let's not talk about the ending, thank you.

    Ports of call and departing ports

    It is important for you to know some of the departing ports to take into consideration for your next trip.

    Departs from:

    • San Francisco
    • Seattle
    • Los Angeles

    Ports of call:

    • Kahului, Maui
    • Hilo, Hawaii
    • Kona, Hawaii
    • Honolulu, Oahu
    • Nawiliwili, Kauai
    • Ensenada

    Now, prices for each cruise may vary depending on the number of days and destinations. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team. Your dream vacation starts at the moment you send Famvia a message.

    Until the next one, dear cruiser!

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