• Get the Best Prices at Shore Excursions With Carnival!
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Get the Best Prices at Shore Excursions With Carnival!

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 18, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2024

Get the Best Prices at Shore Excursions With Carnival!

The best price of all seas

Have you ever thought you could get the lowest price on your on-shore excursions? No, I’m not talking about an app that compares prices or anything similar. I’m talking about one of the greatest cruise policies that Carnival cruise line offers to guests. Let’s take a look at it so you can be fully prepared before your next cruise adventure aboard.

Explore the destinations like never before

Embarking on a cruise to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, or Transatlantic is made even more enjoyable with shore excursions. That's one of the highlights of cruising. Not only do you have a great time aboard the ship, but the off-board experiences are also something to eagerly anticipate.

And what if we tell you that you can book as many offshore excursions as you wish at the BEST possible price? And no, we're not just comparing it with other cruise lines anywhere you wish to go. I know it might be a bit confusing right now, but keep following the thread.

How does it work?

When traveling to any destination aboard your favorite Carnival cruise ship, you have the option of booking shore excursions at the different stops. And you can simply book with Carnival, which is the easiest and most reliable way to do it.

If you're still skeptical about Carnival offering "the lowest rates" out there, you have the chance to look elsewhere for the same shore excursion. If you happen to find it at a lower price than Carnival's, you've struck gold. Quite literally.

First, submit your claim only, and in around 5 business days, Carnival will respond confirming if the claim meets the “Best Price Guarantee’s” criteria. If so, you will be getting not only a complete refund of the price but a 10% extra that can be used for onboard services (yep, like a credit). How amazing, right?

Any restrictions?

Just make sure that the prices you are comparing it to are publicly available and are advertised with their pricing. For more detailed information on this policy criteria, feel free to contact our team.

This policy also does not apply to coupon prices or any kind of offer.

Ready to explore with the lowest prices?

Contact our team, and we will make sure to help you plan the best cruise experience and enjoy the many shore excursions that each destination has to offer. Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, our team will be more than happy to assist you in any possible way.

Until the next one, dear cruiser!

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Rewards Pass = Travel Rewards

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