• Celebrity Cruise Ships, From Newest to Oldest

    Celebrity Cruise Ships, From Newest to Oldest

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 03, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    Celebrity Cruise Ships, From Newest to Oldest

    Let’s see this Legacy

    You might think that we are feeling a little bit nostalgic right now, and maybe you are right. Let’s blame the New Year, and come with us to review the ships from Celebrity Cruise, from the Newest to the OLDEST! 

    Celebrity Apex (2020)


    In 2020, we got the chance to discover this beauty. Celebrity Apex is representing the pinnacle of contemporary cruise ship design. 


    Innovating with a Magic Carpet, a floating platform that elevates the guest's experience, which goes hand-to-hand with the technology and the luxurious staterooms.


    Celebrity Edge (2018)


    This Edge baby was born SIX YEARS AGO, and yes, 2018 is that long from now. This cruise started a new era of cruise ship design with the infinite verandas to the rooftop Garden. The Edge was redefining the modern luxury cruises that we were used to.

    Celebrity Reflection (2012)


    As part of the Solstice class, Celebrity Reflection joined the fleet in 2012. Known for its upscale amenities, it offers the renowned Lawn Club, a half-acre of real grass on the top deck, and the stunning Reflection Suite, featuring a cantilevered shower with unobstructed ocean views.


    Celebrity Silhouette (2011)


    The sister of Celebrity Reflection joined the family in 2011, promoting the signature Lawn Club. This ship blends comfort and style, easily offering every passenger a great experience.


    Celebrity Eclipse (2010)


    Part of the cruise line in 20210, the Celebrity Eclipse is known for its elegant design and the fancy features it offers. If what you are looking for is a luxury ship, this is the one. It embodies sophistication in every stateroom available.

    Celebrity Equinox (2009)


    The sister of the Solstice class, it entered service just one year later, in 2009, but this one was focused on harmony and balance.  It features the same distinctive Lawn Club, an amazing solarium, and different dining options.  

    Celebrity Solstice (2008)


    This one marked the beginning of the Solstice class and set a new standard for modern luxury cruises. The Solstice was the one that introduced the industry to the Lawn Club, a special relaxation place on board!

    Celebrity Constellation (2002)


    This Constellation is not in the sky, but in the the high seas. It launched in 2002 with a touch of classic. It was also the beginning of the Millennium class, and it has been a beloved vessel for DECADES.

    It might not be the newest ship, but it’s the one we keep in our hearts. Well, that was a bunch of ships, each one with a perk of its own! What about you, do you have a favorite? Send us a message if you want more details about them, or if you want to plan your next trip on the high seas. Until the next one, friend!

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