• Exploring the Edge Cruise Staterooms From Celebrity Cruise

    Exploring the Edge Cruise Staterooms From Celebrity Cruise

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 18, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Exploring the Edge Cruise Staterooms From Celebrity Cruise

    Which cruise stateroom is the best for you?

    Boarding a cruise is a great experience, but sometimes we want to know everything before buying that ticket... like what are we going to eat, what we can do, the staterooms and every little detail as we anticipate a wonderful vacation.

    If you are planning on choosing the Edge Cruise from Celebrity Cruise but haven’t decided on what stateroom is the best for you, we are here to help you out.

    Let’s start with the options for you

    Infinite Balconies:

    EDGE CRUISE 3.webp

    The infinite balcony is one of the most common choices for guests. This one blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living, and it offers a transformative experience. With a touch of a button, the entire glass panel opens so you can enjoy those breathtaking ocean views.

    Edge Villas

    For those who desire more space and an exclusive experience, you have the Edge Villas which is a call for sophistication. It comes in two levels, the living area, private pool, and direct access to The Retreat Sundeck. There is one space reserved for suite guests.

    AquaClass Staterooms

    Celebrity Edge introduces you to the AquaClass staterooms, catering to travelers with a passion for wellness and relaxation. Guests in AquaClass enjoy unlimited access to the Persian Garden, a serene space featuring therapeutic experiences like aromatic steam and tropical showers.  

    These staterooms are a haven for you if you are looking for a room filled with a relaxing atmosphere.

    Iconic Suites

    The best stateroom available on Celebrity Edge, the iconic suites are an expression of luxury. These suits offer panoramic views of the sea and the destinations you will explore. What extra things are included? You will have a hot tub, and a personal butler attending to your every need. Time to feel like royalty!

    The Celebrity Edge is not just a ship, it’s a revolution in cruise travel. Celebrity Cruise commits to go over your expectations. So, are you ready to book your stateroom on the celebrity cruise with Famvia? We can plan your entire itinerary and also save you a spot in the best ships in the cruise industry. We are waiting for you.

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