• Is Aqua Class on Celebrity Cruises Worth it?

    Is Aqua Class on Celebrity Cruises Worth it?

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Feb 16, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Is Aqua Class on Celebrity Cruises Worth it?

    If you are boarding a Celebrity Cruise anytime soon, you know choosing a stateroom isn't just about ocean views or balconies. There is a premium version available when you decide to stay with this company. AquaClass, a premium sub-class of Veranda Staterooms, offers additional perks that might be attractive to you.

    So, what sets AquaClass apart?

    These staterooms are designed with lighter colors and spa-inspired designs, giving the vibe of a more fancy atmosphere. One detail is the AquaClass isn't as expensive as suites, but it provides a step up from regular accommodations. Middle of the ground, it seems? Which is awesome, sure.

    Here's what you get with AquaClass:

    Spa Access

    Enjoy access to onboard spa areas like the SEA Thermal Suite or Persian Garden, along with relaxation rooms. While treatments aren't included, you will receive a wellness consultation and priority spa reservations.

    Blu Restaurant

    This restaurant is exclusively for AquaClass guests. Blu offers an exclusive dining experience with 'cleaner' cuisine. It prioritizes the unique experience you can only have here.

    Stateroom extras

    You can have massaging water jets in the shower or try the air filtration systems. AquaClass staterooms prioritize cleaner, healthier experiences. You can even get an aromatherapy diffuser. Fancy!

    Priority Boarding and Disembarkation

    You can skip the queues with priority embarkation and debarkation. This perk extends to shore excursion days, so it allows you more time to explore ports. Always good to not get stuck in long queues.

    Canapes and Sparkling Wine


    Wine time! In the afternoon, canapes and complimentary sparkling wine are offered to you, which adds a touch of luxury to a common afternoon.

    AquaClass is great! We recommend it, but of course it comes with a higher price tag. Want more details about it? Send us a message, and we can talk about prices and what fits your particular needs. Until the next one!

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