• Disney’s Must-Do 2025 Summer Cruise Trips

Disney’s Must-Do 2025 Summer Cruise Trips

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 15, 2024

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024

Disney’s Must-Do 2025 Summer Cruise Trips

2025 Summer Vacations, here I come!

Hello there, travelers! Have you sorted out your summer plans for this year? Why not get a head start on 2025 and brainstorm some ideas for your next sunny getaway? It's never too early to think ahead to Summer 2025, being a few steps ahead can make all the difference!

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Living unforgettable experiences do not come overnight. They require preparation and a clear goal. Ask yourself. What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? Who do I want by my side? My dog? That distant aunt? What experiences do I want to enjoy? How much time do I have? And many more questions that will help you plan the perfect getaway. Don't fret, friend, we can help you with that! ...except choosing between the dog and the aunt. 

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Disney Cruise Line 2025 Summer Trips

Meanwhile, you can start by taking one step at a time. Why not see the magic cruise options that you can choose from? 

Disney Cruise Line has been cooking up some amazing voyages for summer that are sure to bring you excitement and joy. We can't wait for you to check them all out or simply pick your favorite. Trust us, they're all pretty awesome and hard to resist!

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Buckle up and let’s take a look at these dreamy cruises!


A unique adventure is coming back. Vancouver, one of the most exciting Canadian destinations, will be waiting for you with breathtaking landscapes (Juneau, Skagway, or Ketchikan), exciting port excursions (glaciers or gold mining relics), and all this perfect fusion with Disney’s magic.

Guests can choose between five, six, seven, eight, or even nine cruise options. And if you wish to enjoy an ever-lasting Mardi Gras experience, then Disney Wonder is ideal for you. Tiana’s Place is going to keep the party rolling with every delicious bite and sip. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this!

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Have you been daydreaming about exploring the wonders Europe has in store for you? Then this can be your chance, and Disney Fantasy will be there to make your dreams come true.

From May to July, guests will have the incredible opportunity to explore breathtaking destinations across the Mediterranean, Greece, and even Northern Europe. Take your pick from five to twelve-night cruises departing from either Barcelona (Spain) or Civitavecchia (Rome). 

DCL WIsh 1.webp

On the other hand, if you're keen on exploring Greece first, consider the fantastic twelve-night cruise that ventures through the Greek Isles, featuring three captivating stops in Greece along with two in Italy and one in Valletta, Malta. It could be the perfect choice for your Mediterranean adventure!

If you decide to travel from July to September, then you can do it by sailing aboard Disney Fantasy and head to incredible destinations such as Norway, Spain, or the British Isles. Certainly, this time of the year is less crowded and prices are a bit more budget-friendly for cruisers. When sailing on Disney Fantasy, don’t forget to enjoy a magical show accompanied by a tasteful menu at the Animator’s Palate. Kids will love it.

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The Caribbean

If the meaning of summer is sun, beach, and fun, then you will want to be in Florida for 2025, where three Disney ships will be making their way to paradise from there.

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Choose between Disney Treasure, Disney Magic, or Disney Wish for your dreamy vacation. Guests will have the chance to sink in a tropical adventure to wonderful destinations including the exciting exclusive islands that Disney has ready for you. 

Cabanas DCL Castaway Cay (1).webp

Yep. We’re talking about Disney Castaway Cay and the anticipated Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.  

Cabanas DCL Castaway Cay (2).webp

The Easter and Western Caribbean are waiting for you. Is your swimsuit ready?

Is it time to set sail?

Now, do you want to hop on the Disney magical experience for 2025? 

Contact our team and we will help you find the perfect cruise, at the best price and make sure they meet your requirements. Do not hesitate to ask any further questions that can help you make up your mind. I know all the destination options look tempting, but we are sure you will find your favorite sooner than later. We’re here for you!

Until the next one, dear cruiser!

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