• Onboard Disney Cruise Line Shows and Activities

    Onboard Disney Cruise Line Shows and Activities

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 19, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 19, 2023

    Onboard Disney Cruise Line Shows and Activities

    Embarking on a Disney Cruise Line adventure is like stepping into a world of magic even on the high seas. Beyond the amazing ocean horizons, Disney ensures your voyage is filled with magical moments and captivating entertainment. 

    Today we want you to know what onboard shows and activities you can enjoy during your cruise.

    Disney Cruise Line Marvels

    Sailing into Entertainment 


    Disney Cruise Line is renowned for its exceptional entertainment offerings, and the onboard shows are no exception. From Broadway style productions to character meet and greets, every moment is designed to transport you to a world of wonder.

    1. Disney's Oceaneer Club and Lab

    DISNEY CRUISE 2.avif

    What to Expect: Specially tailored for young cruisers aged 3 to 12, the Oceaneer Club and Lab offer a treasure trove of age appropriate activities and adventures.

    2. Disney Pals Pirate Crew 

    You can join the adventure with Disney Pals Pirate Crew, where little buccaneers can revel in pirate themed fun, including games, music, and an epic pirate party.

    3. The Little Mermaid  A Musical Adventure 

    Sailing into the Seas of Melody: Premiering in fall 2024, this fully reimagined theatrical production takes inspiration from Disney's "The Little Mermaid." Dive into Ariel's world with stunning sets, cutting edge effects, and captivating musical numbers. This show is also coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios, so it seems like 2024 is the year of Ariel!

    4. Dining with Disney Characters


    A true Culinary fairy tale! Enjoy meals with beloved Disney characters, from Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, these culinary experiences bring the enchantment of Disney straight to your dining table.


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