• shopDisney has a new surprise for DCL's 25th anniversary!

shopDisney has a new surprise for DCL's 25th anniversary!

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Dec 13, 2023

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023

shopDisney has a new surprise for DCL's 25th anniversary!

Around 25 years ago, one of the most enchanting cruise lines was born from the bottom of the sea after Mickey cast a powerful spell*. Of course, we are talking about the iconic and worldwide known Disney Cruise Line. (*lacks an official source, but it's probably true).

Disney has always loved to diversify in different business industries. Starting with its memorable movies and theatrical productions, going all the way with the fantastical parks and resorts, and keeping them continuously growing with original merchandise and many other fields that keep expanding this magical and timeless company.  

25 years of magic

The Cruise Industry is no exception, and has been hit by the whimsical wave of Disney’s magic. 

The first DCL Cruise Ship debuted the inaugural sailing in 1998, the same year that Animal Kingdom opened its doors, setting the course for an exceptional journey that has brought unforgettable memories to many families, friends, couples, and even solo travelers through more than two decades.

Is time to celebrate!

To celebrate these 25 years strong, Disney Cruise Line has launched the one and only Shimmering Seas Loungefly, available at shopDisney

Look at it, it's so unique and eye-catching!


shopdisney DCL launched.JPG

The exterior closely resembles the colors and effect of a Mermaid tail, topped with a notable decoration that looks similar to a royalty crown. 


shopdisney DCL launched 1.JPG

The colors were wisely selected so they could match the silver 25th anniversary, all of that surrounded by a sea-friendly color that accompanies the rest of the product. 

For everyday or any day, at the price of...

It is perfect for everyone wishing to rock a sea sky blue accessory. It's stylish and will upgrade your entire outfit. Yeah, you will be making a statement with it! To purchase it, just log in to shopDisney and get it for $80.

Do you have your credit card ready?

Are you ready to be submerged in the middle of the sea from the comfort of your home? Sprint to the online store and get it before it sells out, because this surprise launch tends to last for a limited time only. Also make sure to sprint and send us a message! We can help you out with our next trip to Walt Disney World and make your vacation truly magical.

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