• Take a Look at the NEWEST Moana Show

    Take a Look at the NEWEST Moana Show

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 16, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Take a Look at the NEWEST Moana Show

    Hey oh, Disney fans!

    Moana is back for another adventure in the Ocean! She is accompanied by all her friends, through Disney’s brand new show “Disney The Tale of Moana”, which is expected to be a one-of-a-kind, surprising guests with different details that make the show unique and entertaining.

    Disney is giving us new details about this anticipated show, so now guests know what they can expect from this fantastical production.

    A rollercoaster of excitement

    This is the first stage adaptation of the magical movie that stole our hearts back in 2016. Wow, it feels like yesterday we were watching Maui helping Moana in an important mission, time truly flies fast! Ok, ok, coming back to the present, this anticipated show will be making its special debut on December 2024, aboard the beautiful Disney Treasure.

    DCL WIsh 1.webp

    Guests will be able to see a major Puppet creation that Michael Curry and Jeff Conover, two masters of the art, have brought to life especially for this show. DCL will witness one of the most impressive puppetry representations of Te Ka, and it will have the power to transform into the gentle island, the goddess Te Fiti. I already had goosebumps just by imagining this, now that’s a show!

    DCL Wish 2.webp

    Ready to sing?

    For this special display, guests will see Moana and Maui performing for the firt time ever in real life the beloved song “Warrior Face”. Are you ready to sing it? We have been practicing. The timeline of the show will be also accompanied by some big hits like “You’re Welcome,” “We Know The Way”, “How Far I’ll Go” and so much more.

    moanas show DCL Disney 1 (1).webp
    Disney ©

    Unexpected transformations?

    Te Ka's transformation is not the only one taking place throughout the show. The incredible scene of “How Far I’ll Go” will transform the island of Motunui into the magical sparkling ocean in which Moana’s adventure starts. The most impressive item is the ginormous and glowing manta ray that will be floating along with the twinkling stars above Moana's head. It looks dreamy!

    moanas show DCL Disney (1).webp
    Disney ©

    Can you contain your excitement?

    Contact us and let us assure you a spot at this whimsical magic show aboard one of the most remarkable cruise ships of Disney Cruise Line. And do not worry, we will make sure to unveil every single detail that may come up during this year. Until the next one, dear traveler!

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