• Things You Should Never Do on a Cruise!

    Things You Should Never Do on a Cruise!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 24, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Things You Should Never Do on a Cruise!

    Don't pack yet, you need to know this!

    This year we are all looking forward to booking a fun cruise, but let’s hold on a little bit and take the first steps to make sure we will have a wonderful vacation. We need to know a few things before we even start packing our clothes, so we bring you a few recommendations that should make your cruise experience better and less stressful.


    We know it's hard, but resist the urge to overpack. Stick to your essentials, considering the ship's dress code and activities. Avoid unnecessary stress for everyone involved!

    Skipping the Safety Drill

    The safety drill is non-negotiable!  Make sure to be there to make sure everyone's going to be okay in the event of an emergency. Skipping it puts your safety and others ones on risk. Plus, you usually have to pay a few hundred bucks if you do skip it!

    Ignoring the Itinerary

    Always stay informed and up to date with your cruise itinerary. Missing the ship at a port or neglecting time-sensitive activities can result in unnecessary stress. Be always on time!

    Ignoring Hygiene Practices

    Try to maintain proper hygiene to safeguard your health and that of others. Follow sanitation guidelines, wash hands regularly, and use hand sanitizers provided onboard to prevent the spread of germs (and COVID-19, of course).

    Missing out on Entertainment

    Cruises offer a different way of entertainment. Don't miss out on shows, activities, or themed events. Try to take advantage of every experience onboard.

    Being rude to the Crew

    You need to show appreciation to the hardworking crew. Kindness is the key to everything. Recognize their efforts and contribute to the vacation atmosphere.


    Enjoy you piña coladas responsibly. Excessive alcohol can take you to not-so-pleasant situations. Try to savor the experience, and prioritize your well-being (and that of others)!

    Disregarding Cruise Policies

    This one is really important, the rules are there for a reason. Ignoring them regarding behavior, dress code, or safety can result in fines or even eviction. Respect the ship's guidelines to have the most comfortable voyage possible.

    Yay! Now you can book your cruise.

    Here in Famvia, we couldn’t let you book a trip before knowing these things that you should never do on your cruise. Now that you know them, we can start planning your vacation! Send us a message, and let Famvia take care of you.

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