• Why Choose an Interior Economy Cabin on a Cruise?

Why Choose an Interior Economy Cabin on a Cruise?

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 18, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2024

Why Choose an Interior Economy Cabin on a Cruise?

Is an Interior Cabin the Best Option for Your Cruise?

Cruises offer amazing and unique experiences, but they can also be expensive. When choosing our cabin, we often prioritize aesthetics, but opting for an interior cabin is typically the cheapest and best option. Today, we'll explain why.


Interior cabins provide significant cost savings, often being 64.5% cheaper than balcony cabins. Despite the lower price, you still have access to most onboard perks, making it a budget-friendly option. It's also great for groups of friends without a big family, especially college students, who will probably stay out most of the day enjoying the ship and offshore activities.

More Cruises, More Perks

Opting for an interior cabin allows you to go on more cruises for the same price, leading to increased loyalty perks and opportunities to explore different cruise lines and ships without breaking the bank. Yep, make interior cabins your best friends!

Maximize Ship Enjoyment

With no view from your cabin, you are probably going to spend more time exploring the ship and engaging in onboard activities, so you will be forced to take advantage of what the cruise has to offer! This means you will only come back here at night to sleep and unwind after having fun and drinking all day... well, hope you can find your way back to your room. Just kidding!

Better Sleep

Interior cabins have one AMAZING but not so famous perk, and it’s the darkness for undisturbed sleep, ideal for those sensitive to light. Additionally, it's easier to lose track of time, so this is a point even for stormy days, you won’t see all the lighting and will sleep like an angel! Still, I do love to sleep with the sound of raindrops in the background, hm!

Accessible Views and Privacy

Not having a personal balcony isn't an issue because you can still enjoy views from public areas on the ship. This flexibility helps avoid potential disruptions from noisy neighbors and allows you to find quieter spots for some "Me" time.

Now you know that choosing an interior cabin not only saves money but also gives you more time to explore the ship and provides a restful environment. Who said the cheapest option was the worst? I mean, you won't have a private bathtub... or a private pool... or a personal butler... or an indoor beach... or a robot serving your... or---

What we mean is that economic cabins are also pretty cool, and a good way to save money! Use that for the onboard activities, be it drink packages, or outdoor excursions or just save money for your next trip! You can always send us a message, and we can also give you recommendations of staterooms, telling you good options for your requirements and needs. Until the next one!

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