• NEW App Available for Princess Cruises!

    NEW App Available for Princess Cruises!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 28, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 28, 2023

    NEW App Available for Princess Cruises!

    Ops... It seems you forgot to open a Christmas gift! 


    Princess Cruises gave us a late Christmas present, and they are saying hi to the digital era by creating a new mobile app. It's now available for download on the Android Play Store and App Store, but you might be wondering, what’s new here that differentiates it from the previous ones? Well, this new app has been meticulously created from the start with the purpose of reducing memory usage and making better power efficiency for an easy experience on mobile devices.

    This app introduces a fresh interface with new and improved features and personalization options, but the best of all is that has user-friendly fonts, so it will be easier for everyone to read it! 

    To redefine the previous app, Princess Cruises has incorporated all the new features of its renowned Princess MedallionCass App, such as the streamlined OceanReady boarding process, an easier dining reservation process, and a chat service for all guest inquiries during your trip! user Experience isn't easy at all, so it's nice to see Princess Cruises doing their best to streamline some complex functions that passengers need to go through.


    Important Note

    The older version of the app is still available, so you can choose between the new and the old version of the Princess app according to your preference and convenience. The new one might be a drastic change for people that were used to the previous version, so Princess Cruises wants to make sure you have the smoothest transition possible so you don’t have to worry if you haven't learned to use the new App!

    The president of Princess Cruises, John Padgett expressed, “Delivering highly personalized and hassle-free service is foundational to the exceptional Princess guest experience. We will continue to leverage our industry-leading and patented technology to deliver small ship service on our large ship platforms yielding an unmatched value proposition for all guests.”

    Are you ready to adapt to this new era of Princess Cruises? Now you can just open the Princess MedallionClass app, and a notification will prompt you offering you to download the newest version. Try it out! Oh, also try to send Famvia a message, and let us plan your next cruise so you can have the trip of your dreams! Yeah, we are kinda like the Princess app, always here to help you and give you a good time.

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