• Star Princess Is Now Available for BOOKING

    Star Princess Is Now Available for BOOKING

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 15, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Star Princess Is Now Available for BOOKING

    It feels like it was yesterday when Princess Cruises was announcing the upcoming new ship that was going to be part of their fleet. We are talking about Star Princess, and now you can be one of the first ones to explore the new features and experiences that this brand-new addition will be offering to guests from all over the world.

    2025 is ready for you

    It's never too early to start making vacation plans, especially in the cruise industry, where you can save money by booking early and have the chance to get the best staterooms. 

    That is why Princess Cruises has given the green flag and made available the chance for customers to acquire their favorite cruise adventure aboard their newest addition, Star Princess, which will be making its debut in August 2025.

    This major ship stands out for being the second ship of the fleet that will be powered by LNG fuel technology, making a great difference when it comes to environmental impact and damges. Passengers will surely appreciate this detail, more so with the many advanced sustainable innovations that will be available for everyone aboard.

    What cruise options do I have?

    We are glad you asked. Let's unveil some of the 2025 cruise options that are available to purchase now for the beautiful Star Princess.

    • “Inaugural Best of the Mediterranean”, round trip from Rome (August 04, 2025), duration: 19 days. 
    • “The Best of the Mediterranean”, round trip from Rome (August 13, 2025), duration: 20 days. 
    • “Mediterranean, Greece & Italy Explorer”, from Istanbul, Turkey to Barcelona, Spain  (September 21, 2025), duration: 19 days. 
    • “Iberian Grand Adventure”, from Barcelona, Spain to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (October 10, 2025), duration: 26 days. 
    • “Grand Mediterranean”, from Rome, Italy to Barcelona, Spain (September 30, 2025), duration: 10 days.

    These are just a peek at some of the dozens of options that can be purchased for 2025. Are you as excited as we are? We cannot contain joy to finally get aboard one (or two, or three, or more) of these incredible cruises.

    Contact us and let us know any questions you may have about choosing the best cruise option aboard the long-awaited Star Princess. Our team is always ready to make your plan way easier and faster. There is no need to stress anymore about every single detail, let Famvia handle this for you. 

    Until the next one, dear traveler!

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