• How Is Life Aboard Virgin Voyages?

    How Is Life Aboard Virgin Voyages?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 16, 2024

    Last Updated: Feb 21, 2024

    How Is Life Aboard Virgin Voyages?

    Every time we get on board a magnificent cruise, a peculiar question may pop into our heads... do the crew share the same thoughts as the passengers when we are aboard a cruise ship travelling across the high seas? Do they get a bunch of free time, or have specific moments to enjoy all the entertainment that is usually provided to passengers? 

    Today we have the honor to share with you some of answers to some of those (curious) questions, and also interesting facts that will explain a little bit more life inside a cruise ship, more specifically, ships related to Virgin Voyages.

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    Let's take a look inside this Sea-side journey

    When choosing a cruise line, it's always nice to get reviews and opinions from outsiders. Google, Tripadvisor, Famvia... but who else is also an amazing choice to give an opinion about a particular ship than someone that is part of the crew? 

    How about someone that worked inside Virgin Voyages, specifically the amazing ship called Scarlet Lady, and had to interact with guests, passengers and everything else for years?

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    Let's see what someone that is part of the crew has to say about the beautiful Scarlet Lady. Let me just be the first one to say that this is a pretty badass name. 

    Okay, let's go!

    The ships are unique!

    As you read it, the uniqueness that these ships expel is one of a kind. Starting with the crew members, who stand out for being so friendly, authentic, and helpful with every guest. We always expect VIP treatment when aboard a cruise ship, but our source guarantees that, with Virgin Voyages, we are treated in a whole new way.

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    Yes, do not expect a memorized script with cold feelings and zero personality. Thanks to the ships’ policies, crew members are allowed to be themselves whenever on board, and provide a great first impression for every guest that goes aboard this incredible ship. Great! Beinh honest and yourself is always a big plus, instead of incorporating a persona that might look fake.

    How is life onboard as a crew member?

    For the great majority of crew members, days are one-of-a-kind onboard the ships, and can even be considered the best days of their trips. The reason behind it is “Because we are allowed to be friendly but within given limits. So I do meet different sailors and talk to them. Share my experience, learn their experience.” 

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    Sea days can be considered the busiest days for restaurants and teams that work with shows and entertainment in general, but they can relax on Port days, which is different from other teams who act in line with the arrival and departure. But, certainly, there is always time to relax and have fun!

    The most unique restaurant aboard the Scarlet Lady is...

    Gonbae. This Virgin Voyages restaurant offers guests Korean barbecue-inspired dishes that will truly delight you. However, according to our source, every restaurant is worth indulging in their menu and ambiance at least once in a lifetime, and we couldn’t agree more!

    virgin voyages2.webp

    The nighttime aboard!

    It's party time all day and night aboard Virgin Voyages. The Scarlet Lady, for example, offers different nightclubs and casinos which are a great option for night owls. However, guests could feel a bit tired after a day full of activities, fun, and incredible moments on deck, so no problem if you need to go back to your stateroom and get some zzzZZZzzz... 

    virgin voyages3.webp

    Talking about party life, it is said that there is an innovative and great service of drinks on the deck. Especially on the Scarlet Lady, where the bartender has the huge responsibility of creating wonderful drinks inspired by characters and personas we might know or have heard of. Yep, sip after sip of magical adventures await you.

    Hey, there are a few secrets here too!

    Crew members have assured us that the Cabin Balcony room is one of the top stateroom options for guests to stay at.  It has breathtaking views and a breeze of fresh air that makes you connect with your surroundings like never before.

    virgin voyages6.webp

    Certainly, that piece of information is so valuable for every future guest, but there is one more that may leave you shocked and in disbelief. 

    If you thought Virgin Voyages were an adult-only cruisers, we have been proven wrong “...that is not true. I have seen families have an amazing time on the ship. And the secret is we as a crew will always keep sailors busy in having fun.” How great, right?

    Do not hesitate to contact our team and allow us to take you on your next dreamy adventure aboard this wonderful cruise line. We are here to share interesting facts and stories that make us (and you!) connect differently with Virgin Voyages’ magic!

    Until the next one, friend!

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