• Sleep Like a Rockstar With Virgin Voyages’ Suites

Sleep Like a Rockstar With Virgin Voyages’ Suites

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 06, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2024

Sleep Like a Rockstar With Virgin Voyages’ Suites

Becoming a celebrity has never been this easy!

It is time for some rock & roll, and we are not precisely referring to a big party, event, or special occasion. It's more of a daily activity that can be upgraded into an exclusive and luxurious experience. And the best part is... it's aboard one of the best cruise lines! So, buckle up, and let's take a dip in exciting waters.

Changing lifestyle while cruising

Virgin Voyages is by far one of our favorite cruise lines out there. They are focused on offering unforgettable experiences that surpass your expectations. This not only concerns the incredible onboard activities, restaurants, or services, but it goes way beyond that. We are talking about their incredibly exclusive suites that will provide you an experience like no other.

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Imagine this. After a long day in the spa, or by the bar sightseeing the beauty of the ocean, it's time to head to bed. You enter the suite of your preference and *BAM* you become a celebrity. Well, something that is almost like that. It's impossible to not feel special when you’re going to sleep surrounded by luxurious features that make you feel in the penthouse of a rock star.

What is it about?

Of course, let’s jump right into it. The rock star experience starts even before putting your head on the pillow. When booking your Mega RockStar or RockStar quarter, guests automatically become true celebrities. So getting on board won’t be the usual journey, oh no.

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Guests will easily get onboard through an exclusive VIP entrance, plus all-day & all-night contact with RockStar agents that will assist you in all your needs. How great is that, right?

But that’s not all. This is just the tip of the iceberg. When you tell Famvia, "Oh I want to book this suite on my next Virgin Voyage adventure", we will remind you that you will have full access to Richard’s Rooftop, which is an elite deck where sophistication and luxury meet in a single place.

All the Rockstars there can enjoy mesmerizing cocktail hours before dinner and starry night partie, transforming your cruise experience into a private yacht voyage. Prepare to be in awe at every turn, as the allure of the surroundings captivates you effortlessly. And imagine staying in one of the impeccably designed Tom Dixon suites, certainly an experience beyond compare.

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What suites are available for RockStars?

Mega RockStar Quarters

First, there are the Mega RockStar Quarters which give guests the chance to enjoy the following perks:

  • Access to Richard’s Rooftop 
  • Daily Bar Tab
  • Access to Saily Spa
  • 24/7 contact to Mega RockStar Agent
  • Premium wifi while in the Caribbean
  • Bottomless in-room bar
  • Free parking or private transfer
  • Priority access plus early booking

The suites available in this top-tier category are:

  • Massive Suite (2147 square ft)
  • Fab Suite (950 square ft)
  • Posh Suite (833 square ft)
  • Gorgeous Suite (570 square ft)

All of them are equipped with marbled bathrooms, Peek-a-Boo style showers (outdoor too), hammocks, and so much more!

RockStar Quarters

While not as extensive as the Mega perks, the offerings here are equally enjoyable, with a focus on luxury and exclusivity. Take a moment to explore the perks:

  • Access to Richard’s Rooftop 
  • Priority access plus early booking 
  • 24/7 contact to Mega RockStar Agent
  • Complimentary selected in-room bar

The suites available in this exclusive category are:

  • Brilliant Suite (482 square ft)
  • Cheeky Corner Suite (615-857 square ft)
  • Seriously Suite (352 square ft)
  • Sweet Aft Suite (416-661 square ft)

All of the suites are fully equipped with full-size bars, hammocks, champagne tables, and a wonderful terrace.

It's time to Rock & Roll

Allow the waves to lead you on this extraordinary and exclusive journey across the seas. Not only will the onboard experience be unforgettable, but the incredible destinations that await offer breathtaking views, perfect for capturing unforgettable moments on your camera and awesome Instagram posts.

Until the next one, dear cruiser!

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