• Top TEN Rides You Can’t Miss in Magic Kingdom

Top TEN Rides You Can’t Miss in Magic Kingdom

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Created: Oct 31, 2023

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2024

Top TEN Rides You Can’t Miss in Magic Kingdom

While planning a trip to Disney World, Magic Kingdom is the one park that absolutely can’t be missed. Magic Kingdom is best described as the heart of Disney magic, with its enormous castle, frequent parades and character meet and greets at every corner, this park truly brings imagination to life.

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Magic Kingdom Lands

Magic Kingdom is divided into six themed lands, each with their own unique experiences:


Immediately after entering through the gates of Magic Kingdom, guests will find themselves on this charming street known for its incredible gift shops, delicious quick service restaurants and frequent parades. Be sure to make a stop at Main Street Bakery on the way in for coffee and Disney themed pastries.


Disney Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland.webp

Take a step into the future in Disney’s Tomorrowland, home to futuristic and space-themed rides alike. This land brings together characters from films such as Buzz Lightyear, Monster’s Inc. and more. Here you can find thrill rides, great snack stops and lots of indoor spaces to take a break from the heat.


Magic Kingdom is a fan favorite because of its dedication to the classic Disney themes, and no area of the park displays this more profoundly than Fantasyland. Every corner is filled with magic, from gift shops disguised as story book houses to Princess themed dining experiences. Fantasyland is the perfect place for little ones experiencing their first Disney trip.


This land is themed around 18th century USA, featuring a steam boat, a replica of the Liberty Bell and a show dedicated to the past and present presidents of the United States. One of the best parts of Liberty Square is the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, offering Disney themed ornaments for sale year round.


Head back in time to the Wild Wild West as you wander around a replica of the American Frontier. This land has everything from cowboys and saloons to mine trains and gold. While this land is one of the smallest, the intricate theming and iconic rides make it well worth a stop.


Part jungle, part tropical island, this land is the perfect place for adventurers to run around and use their imagination. Whether it’s climbing through Tom Sawyer's Tree House or hopping on a voyage through the seas, there is no shortage of fun activities in Adventureland. Characters such as Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Captain Jack Sparrow and more can often be found hanging around the area, adding additional excitement at every corner.

While Animal Kingdom is the biggest Disney World park by size, Magic Kingdom has the most attractions by a landslide, so it can be a bit overwhelming trying to plan out the days’ itinerary. With 23 attractions and lots of ground to cover in between, it’s nearly impossible to see everything in one day without rushing from one location to the next. Not only is Magic Kingdom the most iconic of the four parks, it is also the most crowded. Larger crowds often result in extended wait times on already lengthy lines. In order to ensure the most magical day possible, it is important to set realistic expectations on how many rides can be packed into one day. This list of can’t miss rides will help to narrow down the choices.

Top Ten Rides in Magic Kingdom

10) Under the Sea-Journey of The Little Mermaid

This attraction takes riders on a journey under the sea and tells the story of The Little Mermaid through recreated scenes. Little ones are encouraged to sing along as they coast through the waters in their giant pink shell and encounter all of their favorite friends along the way including Flounder, Scuttle, Sebastian and more. Journey of the Little Mermaid typically has very short wait times and a well air conditioned queue. After the ride be sure to check out Ariel’s Grotto, located right next to the exit, where you can find a character meet and greet with none other than Princess Ariel.

9) Mad Tea Party

No trip to Disney World is ever complete without taking a few spins on the teacups. This ride, located right in the heart of Fantasyland, often has short wait times and is the perfect break for those tired of waiting in long line’s. There are no height requirements for this ride, but those who get nauseous easily are cautioned to skip this one.

8) “It’s a Small World“

Disney Magic Kingdom Small World vehicle.webp

Lots of people choose to skip this ride because of its mildly annoying theme song that can be heard playing on a loop throughout Fantasyland, however it packs a charming sense of nostalgia that makes even its obnoxious tune seem endearing. This original attraction takes riders on a boat journey around the world as dolls dressed in replicas of traditional clothing dance and sing the infamous theme song. This ride has no height requirement and is great for all ages.

7) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Climb aboard a mine train and jet off on a thrilling and extremely bumpy adventure through a haunted gold mining town. This ride is a great introduction for little ones wanting to try out a less intense coaster. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad doesn’t have any big drops, but it is one of the oldest rides in the park, making it less smooth than newer coasters such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and TRON Lightcycle/Run. This attraction does tend to have longer wait times, so those with Genie+ are advised to book a lightning lane.

6) Pirates of the Caribbean

This attraction takes guests on a journey through the seas to a time when pirates ruled the waters. Climb aboard the nearest barge and set sail, following Captain Jack Sparrow as he gets up to no good. This dark water ride is a must for adventurers & pirate fans alike. Although technically referred to as a water ride, there is only one small splash, so guests can ride without fears of leaving drenched. This ride has no height requirement, so the whole family can partake in the adventure. However, little ones who are easily scared in dark or spooky environments may want to skip this one.

5) Peter Pan’s Flight

Disney Magic Kingdom Peter Pan Flight 2.webp

One of the most whimsical attractions in all of the Disney parks, this ride takes the whole family flying through the sky over London and into Neverland, encountering fan favorites such as Wendy, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook along the way. This ride has no height requirement, so the whole family can partake in the adventure. Peter Pan’s Flight consistently has one of the longest wait times in the park, so utilizing Lightning Lane or rope dropping are recommended to avoid spending 90+ minutes in the queue.

4) Haunted Mansion

This spooky attraction is a Disney classic. Ride along on a frightful journey through an old, haunted mansion and witness some of the most impressive special effects in the park. This ride has no height requirement, although little ones who are easily frightened may want to sit this one out. This attraction tends to have varying wait times between 20-40 minutes, aside from its peak season around Halloween when wait times drastically spike. While lightning lane is always an option to skip the wait, this ride has one of the most interesting and interactive queues in the park, so it may be worth saving your Genie+ bookings for other attractions.

3) Space Mountain

Disney Magic Kingdom Space Mountain.jpg

Another incredible coaster, Space Mountain is loved by many for its smooth ride track and exciting out of this world theming. This attraction requires all riders to be at least 44 inches tall. Space Mountain has a sprawling indoor queue providing guests with a much needed escape from the Florida heat. While wait times can be longer during peak park hours, they’ve been known to drop to 30 minutes or less throughout the day. This ride is now available on Genie+, which is a recent change since the opening of TRON.

2) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This Snow White themed coaster is a blast for all ages (measuring 38” and above) and is perfect for those seeking to combine the magic of Fantasyland with a bit of thrill. With its enchanting theme and smooth ride track, this coaster is another perfect introduction for little ones who are new to thrill rides. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is notorious for long wait times, so it may be in the best interest of time to purchase an individual lightning lane pass. This ride is not included under the general Genie+ package and must be purchased separately. Another option to avoid the large crowds is to head straight to this ride at park opening, or opt to skip the fireworks show and catch this attraction at the end of the night when wait times are lowest.

1) TRON Lightcycle / Run

Disney magic kingdom tron lightcycle shopping.jpg

This is the newest attraction in Disney World and has already become a fan favorite of many. Tron is now the fastest ride at any Disney World park and provides a very unique ride experience. Riders will climb on top of their motorcycles and jet away on a race along a 3,000 foot glowing ride track. As of now this ride is only available via virtual queue, so those who wish to ride will need to be ready at 7am the day of their park visit to book their spot in the Disney World app.

BONUS Review

Happily Ever After Fireworks Spectacular

Aside from the many incredible rides in Magic Kingdom, by far the most impressive attraction is the fireworks spectacular that occurs at the end of each night. This show, called Happily Ever After, combines songs from favorite Disney classics and modern day movies alike, creating a show that can be enjoyed by all generations. Guests typically begin gathering for a spot in front of the castle about an hour and a half before show time, so be sure to plan ahead to ensure securing your desired view. Disney Imagineers have recently incorporated a light show that stretches all the way down Main Street, making almost every view a good one.

While these attractions come highly recommended, it is important to choose rides that align with the personal interests of your family. Some may prefer to cut their ride count in half and simply take in the ambience of Magic Kingdom. If rides aren’t your thing, don’t worry! There’s tons of incredible dining experiences and entertainment to be found throughout the park.

Is Genie+ Necessary

Genie+ is a relatively new feature which replaced what previously was Fastpass. Now visitors can purchase Genie+ for $16-$27 per person, per day. The price varies depending on which park it is and if it is a park hopper pass. Genie+ allows guests to book lightning lane times for various rides throughout the day. Those with a Lightning Lane booking will be able to skip the line and get on the ride much quicker. The current price for Magic Kingdom Genie+ is $27/day, almost double what it was just one year ago. Whether or not Genie+ is worth it depends on a couple things:

  • Is riding rides the main goal for your Disney visit?
    • If so, it may very well be worth the extra cost to maximize the day and fit in as many rides as possible. 
  • Will you be visiting during peak season?
    • Peak season is any time kids are out of school (summer break, winter break & spring break). If you are going in low season, Genie+ may not be necessary because ride wait times will already be lower.
  • Would your family prefer to spend this money to have a unique dining experience or buy a special souvenir instead?
    • Creating the best Disney experience possible is all about prioritizing what is most important to you.

With a good plan and a clear vision on what you want to achieve throughout the day, it is completely possible to enjoy your Disney park experience without utilizing the Genie+ feature.

Magic Kingdom is filled to the brim with incredible rides, enticing entertainment, high quality dining and more. Regardless of which attractions you choose to pack into your day, you’re guaranteed to leave with lifelong memories and lots of Disney magic.

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