• A Holiday Special Souvenir Has Sold OUT at Magic Kingdom

    A Holiday Special Souvenir Has Sold OUT at Magic Kingdom

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 21, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023

    A Holiday Special Souvenir Has Sold OUT at Magic Kingdom

    Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is a Disney souvenir miracle...

    What do we love the most about this Christmas season at Disney World? It's not its festive and vibrant decorations, or its popular parades and holiday culinary delights. I mean, yes, we love them too, but we are thinking about something that we can take home like...

    Souvenirs! Yes, souvenirs have become a must when visiting Disney Parks, especially in this Holiday Season when visitors want to have some authentic Disney Christmas-inspired memories in their room, living room, or even in the house kitchen. Yes, even in the kitchen, have you seen their amazing Mickey Cookie Bakers?

    What are the top souvenirs in Disney now?

    From some classic Minnie Ears to matching Ugly Sweaters, visitors are usually stunned by the creativity and eye-catching effect that each of the merchandise has over everyone who lays eyes on them. This year’s favorite is the Gold Musical Rotating Popcorn Tin (short name, huh?),  Disney’s latest release which has become popular all over, especially in Magic Kingdom.

    Just look at it, no wonder it sold out that fast!


    popcorn bucket disney.JPG

    A not-so-good news for Disney fans

    If you wish to find this unique goldish Christmas-themed popcorn classic, with Disney characters displayed in the center and a useful and vibrant lease to make it easy to carry around the parks, well, I think you will have to look for another option. *Sad face*.

    They are officially sold out at Magic Kingdom!

    We are hoping they will make a comeback soon, but it seems there isn't a timestamp for that yet. We are so sorry foodie/Disney/popcorn fans.

    Don't worry, there are other options!

    But enough of the long faces, it's not like Disney didn’t offer a vast selection of creative and popcorn-related souvenirs, let's break them down:

    Reindeer Sipper inspired by Disneyland parks’ Christmas parade

    popcorn bucket disney reindeer.JPG

    Classic Donald Christmas Tree Sipper 

    popcorn bucket disney donald.JPG

    Mickey Toy Soldier Premium Popcorn Bucket

    popcorn bucket disney mickey.JPG


    All of these are great alternatives for a magical Christmas Popcorn edition! Are you ready to sprint to your favorite Disney park and acquire your favorite Disney Souvenir for this special Season?

    Contact us and let us plan your next visit at the speed of light so you won’t miss out on this unique Christmas merchandise. Send us a message and we will help you out, and even throw out good ideas for what you can add to your popcorn once you get home, sit on your sofa and enjoy a movie on Disney+ while eating. Now, that sounds good.

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