• Animal Kingdom Has a NEW "Cast Member"

    Animal Kingdom Has a NEW "Cast Member"

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 01, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Animal Kingdom Has a NEW "Cast Member"

    Disney has been full of joy in these last few days...

    There has been a remarkable event that has brought so much bliss and cheerfulness to one of our most beloved parks in Disney World. We cannot contain the excitement to sprint to Disney ASAP to watch in person this great moment.

    Animal Kingdom Dinsey world (1).webp

    Everyone, this is Elijah!

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom has rolled out the red carpet for an exceptional guest, any guess who could it be? That’s right, Elijah is making its first debut as baby okapi at this wonderful park. This is such an important event because the last time it happened, it was more than a decade ago! Yep, back to 2012, seems like yesterday, right?

    This nature miracle came to life on October 2023, and is the 14th birth of this vulnerable species that took place at the Happiest Place on Earth. What a milestone, keep up the great job, Disney! It fills our hearts to see this unique okapi family growing more and more at this wonderful place.

    Wonderful news is in the air

    Well now, a few months later, Elijah is not the baby he used to be. With 165 pounds, our dear friend is finally with his mom at Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail… and that’s not all. 

    Animal Kingdom Dinsey world (3.webp

    The name given to this new member of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is not random, it is quite special indeed and it has a lot of meaning behind it.

    Why, you may be asking? Well, he was named in honor of a heartfelt cast member, Elijah! A cheerful 50-year soul who has been part of the Disney family since 1973, starting at Magic Kingdom, and transferring in 1998 to the horticulture department of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, in charge of playing an important role for all the species that live there.

    Thanks to him, guests can enjoy beautiful landscapes and many species that live safely and cheerfully in a unique atmoshpere created for each of their habitats. What an outstanding job and very critical indeed!

    animal kingdom disney okapi1.webp
    Disney ©

    Elijah has become throughout the years a beloved cast member for everyone in the park, and certainly naming this rare baby after him is such a unique way of honoring an awesome person, don’t you agree?

    Share your thoughts with us

    Tell us, what do you think of this wonderful news? Are you ready to visit in person and meet both Elijahs? We cannot wait for you to melt with this cute okapi, and we are sure you will have a blast with the many activities that this wonderful park offers.

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