• A new Tiki Mug is available at Disney World, are you ready?

    A new Tiki Mug is available at Disney World, are you ready?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 12, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 12, 2023

    A new Tiki Mug is available at Disney World, are you ready?

    It is a fact that Disney fans enjoy collecting different types of articles from Disney World's many shops and restaurants. From the popular Disney Mickey ears, which come in so many unique and special designs like the latest collaboration with Swarovski, to Popcorn buckets, Tea towels, and one of our favorite ones… The Tiki Mugs.

    Wait... what is a Tiki Mug?

    Glad you asked! If you have no clue what a Tiki Mug is, well let me introduce them to you.

    They are not regular mugs, no, remember that Disney takes ordinary items and sprinkles them with a magic word, making them stand out for their uniqueness. 

    First of all, they are always in high demand, especially when a brand-new mug is ready to launch. They are also limited-edition, making them more and more attractive for all fans, so get in line on time to get the latest release. 


    traders sam tiki 1.JPG

    The places where the Tiki Mugs can be purchased are:

    Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort:

    • Sam’s Grog Grotto

    Disneyland Hotel:

    • Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

    There is a NEW addition on sight!

    If you look at the places mentioned above, you can (probably) find the latest new Tiki Mug available for all collectors or for everyone who wishes to start their first collection. The Ursula Tiki Mug is here! It first debuted at Disneyland and now it can be found at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort too! 

    Look at it, it truly resembles the mysterious secrets of the bottom of the Ocean where The Little Mermaid Villain dwells.  


    tiki mug new released.JPG

    This limited-edition mug is being sold with a specialty beverage of your preference. You can choose between the cocktail “Sign the Scroll” or the non-alcoholic option “Just Your Voice”. 

    Important Note

    Remember, if you wish to buy at least 5 mugs only for you, hmmm, sorry but you will have to change strategy. Disney only allows two mugs per person and per transaction. I know, we all want them, but there are not enough Tiki Mugs for everyone. We told you they are very limited, didn't we?

    Your time has come...

    Are you ready to add a new edition to your collection? Or maybe, start it from scratch?

    Sprint to Disney ASAP, because they will be sold out soon! Let us help you plan your trip at the speed of light and in the most secure way possible. Until the next one!

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