• Animal Kingdom Lodge: The Savanna View Experience Review

Animal Kingdom Lodge: The Savanna View Experience Review

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Mar 27, 2024

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2024

Animal Kingdom Lodge: The Savanna View Experience Review

Ever wanted to have breakfast with a giraffe?

Hey, friend! Do you like animals? Do you like good hotel rooms? What about animals AND a good hotel room? Yeah, I know, sounds like a perfect combo, but there is more to it than that! I am talking about a room with a magnificent view, a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable beds and giraffes outside your window saying hi as you sip your cup of coffee in the morning.

We are talking about the Savanna View Experience, which you can also have at the Animal Kingdom Lodge! The Savanna View Experience is one of the premier rooms you can find at this resort and, like the name implies, it gives you a good view of the beautiful savanna. Oh, you didn’t know that there is basically a forest full of wildlife built right inside Animal Kingdom Lodge? Now you know! It’s the perfect place to spot animals like giraffes, ostriches, gazelles, pelicans and dozens of other specimens.


This exclusive hotel room provides guests with a premier experience, justifying its standard price of $700 per night. However, there's good news for savvy planners: you can secure the same room at a significantly lower rate by booking at least nine months in advance. Additionally, avoiding peak seasons like the middle of summer or near Christmas can also lead to more budget-friendly rates. That’s a strategy that applies to everything related to theme parks, by the way: always book in advance, be it your hotel room or your rented car.

This room comes with everything you need to have a good time, including a fully equipped kitchen, a dryer and a washer. It almost feels like you are in your own home! You can come here to cook your own meals, wash your clothes and basically do anything else that guarantees you extra privacy. Actually, you will have the geese and zebras watching you from afar, but we are glad to say that they are cool neighbors.

A great option for families and kids

As expected, the animals don’t get exactly near your window, since they stay in special areas designed to them. I mean, no one would want the geese invading our bedrooms and stealing our stuff, right? Still, you can definitely see them without using binoculars or anything similar.

This room is perfect for families, especially parents with young children. There's something magical about waking up and bonding with your little ones over breakfast while breathing in the fresh air and watching the animals awaken and roam around. It's an experience that creates lasting memories for the whole family. Kids, particularly those aged 3-6, adore it, as they're naturally curious about their surroundings, and spotting an animal they're used to seeing only in movies and cartoons is incredibly exciting for them.

I've asked people who stayed in this room a curious question: do kids forget about the animals after a while? They simply told me that, nope, every time kids woke up, they would rush to the balcony to see which animals were outside. The same thing happened when they returned from their day at the theme park. It's definitely a plus that the savanna has so many different specimens, adding an element of surprise when you look out your window, which kids definitely appreciate.

Despite the rooms being fantastic and equipped with everything you need for fun and privacy, one common complaint from guests is the length of the hallways. The elevators aren't strategically positioned to allow quick movement between levels. So, depending on where your room is located, it can be quite a trek until you're ready to move around and continue with your day.

Want to get up close and personal?

Guests that stay in this bedroom can also enjoy some of the extra activities offered by this awesome resort. We are talking about the nightly tours inside the savanna, which cost $100 per guest, and gets you closer than ever to the animals that you watch from your bedroom window. Did you fall in love with that beautiful giraffe you've named Johnny that appears near your window every morning? Now you can board a jeep and see Johnny up close.


You can also sometimes find a Disney expert outside the top tier restaurant Sanaa, and he will answer some of your questions about wildlife as you watch the animals from afar with the help of night vision goggles. Now that sounds pretty cool. You know what’s extra cool? That activity costs the huge, astonishing price of… free!

So, is that a room that we would recommend? Definitely, especially for families with little ones. Kids really appreciate watching animals roam around, and it’s a good chance for parents to bond with them and teach more about how we humans can live with all the different wildlife that surround us.

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