• Check out our TIPS for when you want to shop at Disney!

    Check out our TIPS for when you want to shop at Disney!

    Created: Dec 15, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 15, 2023

    Check out our TIPS for when you want to shop at Disney!

    It’s the holiday season again, folks! 

    You can see parties and gatherings from left to right, and that’s why you can also see people buying gifts every now and then. We can feel the vibe of the season of giving, that's for sure!

    And do you know what will make your loved ones smile? Well, by giving them souvenirs from the Happiest Place on Earth, A.K.A. Disney World! Buying some souvenirs directly from Disney World would make someone else’s face light up because they could keep them for many more years to come.

    Hence, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks on what you should do when you buy souvenirs in Disney World for yourself or your loved ones this holiday! 

    Wait for a Sale


    First up is what many people have on their minds as the very first thing to do: waiting for things to go on sale, because who wouldn’t want to save money, right? Especially since we want to give presents to our loved ones as much as we can, saving some money is very important. That’s why waiting for stuff to go on sale at Disney shopping outlets to find some cheaper Disney merchandise is what you should be doing! Well, we will be keeping our eyes open for special deals too! 

    Or you can also shop online to avoid long lines, while being able to keep an eye out from the comfort of your own home. Shopdisney is the perfect place for that, by the way. 

    Disney Character Warehouses


    Next up, you can visit any of the two Disney Character Warehouses in Orlando. The first one is just a minute away from Disney World, and the other one is near Universal Orlando. Here, you can buy discounted items from old seasons at a low price! So, yeah, you will be able to get AMAZING souvenir deals for yourself and your loved ones this holiday.

    Mobile Checkout


    Who wants to stand and waste their precious time in long lines? The answer is NOBODY, that’s why Mobile Checkout is a must-try! All you need to do is install the My Disney Experience app, and then you can already save time at Disney World outlet shops because Mobile Checkout will let you scan and pay for your chosen items using your own phone, and of course, you will not fall in line just to pay at the counter.

    Pretty good hack, right?

    That’s all the tips and tricks that we have for y’all for now, folks! Oh wait, there is one last trick. If yo uwant to have an amazing time at Disney World, you can always contact us here on Famvia. We will make sure to plan your next amazing trip to the Happiest Place on Earth and even extra tips for souvenirs during this festive season. See ya!

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