• Christmas Edition Funko Pop Disney Figures Are on SALE Now!

    Christmas Edition Funko Pop Disney Figures Are on SALE Now!

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 26, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 26, 2023

    Christmas Edition Funko Pop Disney Figures Are on SALE Now!

    Ho ho ho! Merry… Christmas?

    Or should I say, Merry Holiday Sales! Yes, I like that one better. Even though Christmas Day has just left us in the dust, we are still in the festive spirit and gifts are not going away anytime soon, and one of our favorite collaborations knows that well.

    A great collaboration is back!

    Amazon ft Disney is back with so many amazing discounts that no Disney Fan can miss out. This is especially true when Three King’s Day is around the corner, or maybe some of you may still be doing Secret Santa, or just want to give some joy to Funko Pop fans during this special season. Thanks, Santa, this incredible opportunity is right on time to save the day!

    Let’s check them out, and tell us, which ones are your favorite ones.

    funko-pop!-disney-holiday:-santa-goofy">Funko Pop! Disney Holiday: Santa Goofy

    Gawrsh! What better option than a super cute edition of Goofy being all dressed up ready to kick off any Christmas party that stands in the way? He knows the moves, we can all remember his from the classic movies, and, of course, he’s a true lover of the Christmas season, don't you agree?

    Original Price: $12.99

    Discounted Price: $ 6.00

    funko-pop!-disney-holiday:-santa-mickey-mouse-(gingerbread)">Funko Pop! Disney Holiday: Santa Mickey Mouse (Gingerbread)

    Ok, ok, hold your chair as tight as possible, because this next Funko Xmas edition will keep you jumping off the roof! Look at that, did you ever think that Mickey could be more adorable? Well, maybe a sprinkle of ginger was missing out. Look at that, what better combination for this Holiday Season than this trifecta: Mickey, Ginger cookies, and Christmas attire!

    Original Price: $12.99

    Discounted Price: $ 6.00

    funko-pop!-disney-holiday:-pluto">Funko Pop! Disney Holiday: Pluto

    And how we can miss out on the happy tail member of the crew, Pluto with its own personal letter to Santa? We are sure he might be asking for new treats for this new year, or maybe a new ball to play around with his friends.

    Are you ready to have Pluto around your house cheering the ambiance with some Christmas vibes?

    Original Price: $12.99

    Discounted Price: $ 6.00

    Tell us, which ones are you adding to your cart?

    There are many other options available! These are the only few options that will allow you to save up a few bucks and are the perfect gift, especially for this Holiday Season... or even if you want to start your own Funko collection.

    Now that you are collecting all the Funko Pops, how about see Mickey & friends up close? Send us a message, and we will make sure to plan the trip of your dreams to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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