• Disney's Animal Kingdom Extra Activities To Enjoy

Disney's Animal Kingdom Extra Activities To Enjoy

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 07, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2024

Disney's Animal Kingdom Extra Activities To Enjoy

Step into the wild side

Walt Disney World offers guests a great variety of worlds all over their different theme parks. We certainly have our favs and it's hard not to admit that one of them is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is just such a fun and charming theme park that it's hard to not at least like it!

Animal Kingdom Dinsey world (1).webp

This place offers the perfect way to connect with the magic of Disney World through the natural beauty that Mother Earth has to offer. Each visit feels uniquely special, thanks to the incredible areas and opportunities to observe animals in their natural habitat. Yep, you might even catch a glimpse of the dear elephants enjoying a shower with their trunk. How cool is that?

Animal Kingdom Dinsey world (3.webp

Good news, the fun doesn't stop there! Let us show you all the cool activities you can enjoy on your next visit. It'll take your experience to the next level, and we're super excited for you to try them out!

Wilderness fun in a magical world

Having a blast at Animal Kingdom isn't just about its attractions, like Kali River Rapids (where you won’t stay dry for long) or Avatar Flight of Passage (who wouldn't want to immerse themselves in a mystical journey? Yes, please). You can take the fun up a notch with the awesome activities available for you.

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These are unique experiences offered at an additional cost. It's up to you to decide if they're worth it or not. But we highly recommend giving them a try, more than one might just leave you with a memorable experience.

Starlight Safari at Animal Kingdom Disney (2).webp

That's why we're eager to share some of the options you can choose from. And don't worry, if you need a more detailed description or extra information, just contact Famvia’s team, and we'll make sure you get all the juicy details about it.

You can choose from…

Color of Coronado Painting Experience

Bring your ideas to life thanks to this master-led painting class! We may not have a cheffsito on the top of our heads for delicious recipes, but we do have an artist ready to unleash imagination and creativity on the canvas. So grab your pencil and let’s paint nature as you view it.

  • Located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort Area 
  • Base fee: $35.00

Sangria University

Nature gems and drinks? Count me in! Guests get to discover so many delicious flavors offered by a variety of fruits and sangrias. This will be more than enough to become an “expert” and bring to life your own creation. Yes, there is no need to be a sangria connoisseur for this activity, just +21 and have fun.

  • Located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort Area 
  • Prices vary from $96 to $79. Depends on the date.
Starlight Safari at Animal Kingdom Disney 3.webp

Savor the Savanna

Buckle up and jump on a private safari tour that will bring you up close to the many species that call this area home. After an exhilarating adventure, your stomach will surely be craving some delights, right? Luckily, there will be African-inspired tapas, drinks, and many other delicacies waiting for you.

  • Located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
  • Prices vary from $189 to $199. Depends on the date.

Spanish Mosaic Art

Let your creativity and imagination flow freely with this artistic workshop where guests can bring Disney-inspired mosaics to life. The Dahlia Lounge is the perfect spot for this activity. No need to be an artist, just be careful with the small pieces. They can be a bit tricky but are incredibly fun and entertaining.

  • Located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort Area 
  • Prices vary from $449 to $499. Depends on the date, (plus taxes).

Have you spotted your favorite one yet?

Contact our team, and allow us to help you plan the best experience with all the extra fun you wish to add to it. This will make your Disney journey a more personal and unique one, and we love it!

Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, we would love to help in any possible way.

Until the next one, dear friend!

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