• Disney Characters Were READY for National Hugging Day

    Disney Characters Were READY for National Hugging Day

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 22, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Disney Characters Were READY for National Hugging Day

    Disney characters are highly qualified and prepared to allow guests to enjoy a memorable experience when meeting them around their favorite parks. They were extra prepare last weekend, during the...

    National Hugging Day

    We are sure you have heard about Easter, Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day, which are all important dates throughout the year. But have you ever heard about the National Hugging Day?

    Every year, January 21st is dedicated to spreading love gestures to our loved ones or just to make someone happy that day with hugs! That’s right, hugs. We know every day is good for expressing care and love for each other, but setting a date is a good way to build a community and send good vibes. Don’t worry if you are not a fan of hugs, a high five is also good.

    Princess Disney.webp

    Disney was ready to spread love

    At Disney World, where magic, love, and a sense of community are in the atmosphere of every single place, this special date is not overlooked. Every Disney character greeted guests with a warm hug, even if you were going for a handshake or a high five. They were ready to showcase their appreciation and celebrate this special day of the year!

    Chef Mickey's Disney world (5).webp

    How amazing, right? Your favorite Disney characters participated in this special dynamic on January 21st, and we are sure visitors were having a blast during that day. It’s such a fun experience, even Buzz Lightyear welcomes a hug!

    Disney walking.webp

    Share your opinion with us

    Which Disney character would you like to see on next year's National Hugging Day? Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any other further questions, we would love to help you as soon as possible. 

    Also, if you have plans of hugging your favorite characters (even though the special day has passed), we can take you to Disney right away. As we said before, every day is a good day for a hug.

    Until the next one, dear friends!

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