• Disney has a NEW cookie bar open and ready for visitors!

Disney has a NEW cookie bar open and ready for visitors!

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Dec 15, 2023

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Disney has a NEW cookie bar open and ready for visitors!

Heey Foodies / Sweet Lovers, hold on... are we not the same? What do you think? Well, Disney World has a new tempting station waiting for you! Is your mouth ready for some fun and delightful new flavors?

A new place has opened its doors to the public!

Yesterday, December 14th, Disney Springs was happier than usual and giving a warm welcome to an exciting new addition which is now part of the (big) family of restaurants. Summer House on the Lake is officially open to the public and ready to pamper us with some healthy dishes and a few cheat snacks that will delight our taste buds.

Summer breeze, Touch of Magic

The aesthetic of the restaurant transports customers to the California coast and, at the same time, it connects to the fun and magic of Disney World through a line of sweet options that will take you on an exciting journey of crispy chocolate chips with a soft yummy center.

Umm, mouthwatering options here we go!

summer house disney springss.JPG

This new restaurant is offering an exceptional cookie bar. Oh, wow, how we love those, right? Right after setting foot into the brand-new venue, at the left side you can find a dazzling cookie bar with so many options of yummylichous cookies.

There is a specific menu designated exclusively for the cookies options, but they may be changing periodically, which is pretty exciting. We love that it's unpredictable which kind of cookies are going to be there for our next visit, but we bet they are all going to be delicious.

Take a look at the Cookies and Bars menu:

summer house disney springs cookies menu.JPG

Upgrade your social media!

The whole place is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for some Insta pics. The cookies, however, may steal the show with their eye-catching presentation and agreeable size. They will make your Insta feed look so good!


summer house disney springs.JPG

Whether you decide to dine at the place or just walk by the cookie bar, this is a must-do stop you need to add to your agenda.

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