• Disney is bringing Christmas to the palm of your hand

    Disney is bringing Christmas to the palm of your hand

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 12, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 12, 2023

    Disney is bringing Christmas to the palm of your hand

    Did you know that there is a specific day designated to celebrate the Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?

    Yes, you read that right, there is a special day dedicated to celebrating those creative and colorful Christmas-themed cozy sweaters that everyone loves to wear this Holiday Season. Ok, maybe not everyone, because we know a few Grinchs may be walking around on this Christmas Season. 

    The official date is here

    Have your Ugly Christmas Sweater ready for this December 15th, and mark it up on your calendar! It's a fun way to celebrate Christmas in a rather unusual and fun way.

    Background story...

    Traditionally, this classic attire was hand-knit by family members or loved ones, and they were gifted specifically to celebrate this special season. However, nowadays this has become more popular and people do not need to know how to knit to be able to gift this special present. Yhey can just go to a nearby mall or purchase it online, and that’s all!

    Disney is ready to kick off with a celebration surprise!

    This is why Disney wants to celebrate this special day with a cute and super adorable surprise… Ugly Christmas Sweater Wallpapers inspired by different characters from all their theme parks! How amazing right?

    There are many options available

    There are different designs from which to choose! Letting the cozy and jingle bells rock on your favorite screen (mobile, Apple watch, desktop, or even iPad) will allow you to feel joy and be more connected than ever with the Christmas spirit. Especially when you see a new notification popping up on your screen.

    Let us share with you our Top 3 designs inspired by the classic vibes of Christmas sweaters, but spiced up with the magic twist of Disney World.

    Want a Classic Christmas ft Disney Design? 

    This is the perfect option for you, it includes the Disney Castle, Mickey ears and so many Christmas features that make it look cozy and magical at the same time. 

    disney wallpaper 1.JPG

    Hey, Chip & Dale fans!

    This adorable representation of one of Disney's favorite characters is here for you, accompanied by classic ginger cookies and subtle representation of Mickey in a row below the centerred area.

    disney wallpaper 2.JPG

    Any DCL passenger here?

    This last option is a sweet representation of how magical it can be to spend Christmas time aboard one of the many ships available on Disney Cruise Line. The color palette is calid yet festive, perfect for this Holiday Season. 

    Disney wallpaper.JPG

    We want them all, can you choose just one?

    Tell us, which one are you choosing for this Christmas Season? We would love to hear your thoughts about it! Send us a message not only if you want to share your ugly sweater for 2023, but also if you want to plan your next amazing trip to Walt Disney World. Until next time!

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