• Disney’s Animal Kingdom Says Hi to a "New" Member

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Says Hi to a "New" Member

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Feb 16, 2024

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Says Hi to a "New" Member

Hello there, dear Corra!

If you have been gollowing us for some time now, you must remember the day we said welcome to the world to the dearest and adorable baby Corra. She was just trying to figure out how to take her first few steps and enjoying a long vacation near her dear momma at Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

baby corra animal kingdom3.webp

Well, she is a grown up now, not only in our hearts but LITERALLY growth into a strong and healthy baby that is ready to make its first stapes into the true world.

Corra is ready to roll with her crew

Corra is now two months old, ohh, how time flies! She made her official debut yesterday, February 15th at the majestic world of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Savanna. Her mom, Nadirah, is proudly guiding her into this new life experience, and we bet it's an honor for the staff to help her out too. Just look at her! Aww...

baby corra animal kingdom2.webp

This is such a special baby, not only for being an African elephant, but because she is Animal Kingdom’s second-generation elephant, and we couldn’t be prouder for such a milestone.

All the family is in hyper-mode for such great news! Aunties Stella and Luna, Grandma Donna, and Dad, Mac; are joyful to finally have the new family member walking around with everyone else.

baby corra animal kingdom1.webp

They will certainly pamper her and show her the best spots to rest and play at their home,she is ssuch a cutie! Next stop: teach Corra to arrive early in Animal Kingdom so she doesn't get stuck in line for two hours for Avatar Flight of Passage.

And the good news do not stop there

If you thought one baby elephant was adorable enough, now buckle up to surpass those levels of adorability because there are TWO more baby elephants coming in 2025. What a great surprise, right? Corra will have new friends to play and interact with for next year, and we cannot wait to meet them all!

Animal Kingdom Dinsey world (2).webp

It's time to say "Hi" in person

Contact our team, and we will make sure to take you as soon as possible to meet up with this cutie pie. While you’re at it, you can say hi to the other species that this wonderful place nestles, like hippos, rhinos, lions... yes, even spiders! Awww they are so hairy and cute with those eight legs and multiple set of eyes and... okay, next animal please.

animal kingdom disney okapi1.webp

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