• Dive Into This Aquatic Nemo Attraction at EPCOT

    Dive Into This Aquatic Nemo Attraction at EPCOT

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 13, 2024

    Last Updated: Feb 15, 2024

    Dive Into This Aquatic Nemo Attraction at EPCOT

    It's time for an under-the-sea adventure with Nemo and his friends.

    Did you know it was possible to have one of the best aquatic experiences without getting your clothes wet? Yes, this is now possible thanks to this "underwater" attraction that nestles in the heart of nature at EPCOT, and guess which one is it?

    Nemo & his friends are planning an adventure

    Buckle up, because there is a special “clamobile” ready to take you to discover the many magnificent creatures that make a unique atmosphere for all sea residences and its guests (read: you).

    nemo and friends ride Disney Epcot (8).webp

    Once guests get aboard this fun mobile, they’ll be taken under the waves where they can get to meet many of Nemo’s friends. This is a very chill dark ride that doesn't last long, so it's perfect for parents and their toddlers. You move slowly and there are no sharp turns or anything like that, which makes this Nemo attraction great for the whole family.

    From a cutie jellyfish and anglerfish hiding behind the vibrantly colorful coral reefs to the one and only Bruce, the shark! No worries, he’s pretty friendly with everyone that visits.

    nemo and friends ride Disney Epcot (6).webp

    And how it could be a Nemo adventure without his loyal friends who reside in the East Australian Current? Yes, you can catch the ride and get to hang out with Crush and Squirt, these duuuuuudes may give you a hint of where Nemo can be found.

    nemo and friends ride Disney Epcot (1).webp

    Yes, remember to stay alert during the whole ride, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity of seeing Nemo swimming around or hanging out with his best friend Dory.

    nemo and friends ride Disney Epcot (7).webp

    Is that all to see?

    Not at all! After swimming in that fun adventure, you can explore and learn more about sea creatures and everything about marine biology when walking around the oceanic “The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion”, where a ginormous saltwatery 5.7-million-gallon aquarium is waiting for you, filled with incredible species that cheerfully will say hi to guests.

    If you are still thirsty for adventure, then the self-guided scavenger hunt may be a great option for you. You will have to help our dear Dory find all her friends who are hiding in the aquarium. 

    nemo and friends ride Disney Epcot (5).webp

    To succeed in their mission, guests can even collect stickers on their way and learn new facts during the expedition.

    Want to join?

    Then head out to World Nature, one of our favorite spots at EPCOT, because Nemo is waiting to show you the many wonders that live in his hometown. Remember that guests can find this attraction open all day!

    nemo and friends ride Disney Epcot (3).webp

    Hey, remember that Famvia can help!

    Contact our team and we will make sure you experience one of the best aquatic experiences in Epcot.  Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, we are looking forward to assisting you in any possible way.

    Until the next one, friend!

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