• Experience a Gastronomical Journey at Story Book Dining

    Experience a Gastronomical Journey at Story Book Dining

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 08, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Experience a Gastronomical Journey at Story Book Dining

    Who is coming? Oh, it looks like the Seven Dwarfs are back from the mines and ready for a huge feast with Snow White and their other friends from the forest. Want to join them?

    Embark on a fairytale in Disney World

    Visiting Disney World is always a great adventure, but something that we are always looking forward to visit after visit is the delicious and exciting dining options that you can find. You know that our foodie side enjoys visiting different restaurants, and this magical option has become one of our top favorites.

    storybook dining snow white disney world (5).webp

    Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

    That’s right, there is a place where you can immerse in the fantasy world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while your taste buds have a party of their own with a delicious menu with several options available.

    Where is it located?

    Located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, this unique dining spot will certainly become one of your favoritess. Thanks to the complete experience and delicious menu that it offers to guests, kids will surely love it too!

    storybook dining snow white disney world (3).webp

    Get ready for special encounters

    Remember to have your cameras ready, because at any moment a special visit can come to your table. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs enjoy walking around table to table and greeting guests. Stay alert in case The Queen decides to show up, you won’t want to miss a photo of that, right?

    storybook dining snow white disney world (1).webp

    Also, the decoration is so beautiful and magical that it's worth a thousand pictures. Plus the dish options are inspired by the wonderful land of dwarfs, enchanted apples, magic spells and happy endings. It's truly a unique experience and we love it so much.

    More about the menu

    The are a variety of options, from shared appetizers such as: Wild Mushroom Bisque, Hunter’s Pie, or a Wicked Shrimp Cocktail, to their featured desserts such as the Miner’s Treasures, “Poison” Apple, and more! All of them with a magical presentation that makes it look like you are eating in a fantasy world (and you probably are).

    storybook dining snow white disney world (4).webp

    There are also allergy-friendly options and some great cocktails that could be the cherry on top of your night, or should I say, apple? And if you were wondering about the prices, expect a fixed price of $65 per adult and $39 per children.

    It's certainly worth it, especially with their “Cottage” Beef Stroganoff which is a mouthwatering entree of tender beef, some preserved vegetables, mushrooms, and more yummy ingredients that make it one of our favorites.

    C’mon, Grumpy, gives us a small smile!

    Maybe you can get him to smile on your next visit to this wonderful world. Contact our team and do not hesitate to ask any further questions, we are ready to help you as much as possible and provide you with full guides so you can make the most out of your visit.

    Until the next one, friend!

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