• Explore the Special Features of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Explore the Special Features of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 22, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024

Explore the Special Features of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Experience the opportunity to stay in a wilderness paradise at Disney World

Visiting Disney World can be tons of fun, but sometimes we want the magic to come home with us. Yes, saying bye to a day at Disney World can be hard. Unless… unless Disney World offered a great array of resorts around the park (and inside). Oh, yeah, they do, right?

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Staying at any Disney resort guarantees magic and fun from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. Today, we're introducing a nature-inspired option that could be the perfect fit for your next dreamy vacation.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Located near the Magic Kingdom and surrounded by nature, this charming resort is a favorite among Disney visitors. Disney's Wilderness Lodge draws inspiration from lodges found in turn-of-the-century National Parks across the United States.

Furthermore, the resort's aesthetic celebrates the rugged beauty of Mother Nature while maintaining a level of comfort and elegance throughout its facilities.

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Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping, opening the windows to take in a deep breath of fresh air infused with the scent of pine. Then, stepping out of your beautifully decorated suite to enjoy a leisurely moment by the stone hearth fireplace inside the hotel. Ah, what a dream! I'm already eager to plan my next vacation.

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What truly captivates you about this hotel are its incredible features that offer a chance to relax and experience Disney magic like never before. Let's explore them.

Unique features of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

  • Story Book Dining; this wonderful place located at Artist Point gives guests the chance of immersing in the timeless Snow White story. The place is decorated so vividly and, during your meal, beloved characters will be passing by to say hi to the whole fam. Yeah, even the Evil Queen. Spooky!
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  • Vast array of rooms; while the hotel celebrates the natural beauty of its surroundings, it also ensures that you enjoy a comfortable and elegant sleep in their wide selection of rooms and suites. Each is equipped with everything you might need during your stay.
  • The Pools; get ready for a refreshing splash, whether you prefer a fun-filled or relaxing experience, it's your choice. From the exhilarating Copper Creek Springs pool to the tranquil Boulder Ridge Cove Pool, there's something for everyone.

Maximize your fun with one click

If you're ready to experience a fantastic time at the Happiest Place on Earth while staying at a magical hotel conveniently close to the park, reach out to us and we'll make your wishes come true. And if this isn't quite your cup of tea, don't worry. We can help you find the alternative that better fits your preferences and requirements for a remarkable vacation.

Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, our team is more than happy to assist you in any possible way.

Until the next one, dear friend!

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