• Figment Items Are on Sale at shopDisney NOW

    Figment Items Are on Sale at shopDisney NOW

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 10, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Figment Items Are on Sale at shopDisney NOW

    Friday is right around the corner, and no, we’re not excited because the week is almost over (well, yes, but also no). We are on the edge of excitement because one of the most anticipated events will be taking place in EPCOT!

    Let us give you a hint: art, food, dances, music, and… Figment! That’s, right The Festival of the Arts is closer than ever, and we are almost ready for the main event. A few items were missing that can be now found on shopDisney. Check them out to see if you already have them to commemorate this important (artsy) event.

    FARTS 2023 EPCOT (5 (1).webp

    shopDisney has our backs

    We know Disney has themed items for all the occasions you can imagine, and there is no need to buy them in a physical store anymore, thanks to the power of the internet.

    The Festival of the Arts, annually celebrated at EPCOT, is no exception, especially when it comes to purchasing merchandise that commemorates the popular and well-known mascot Figment. Ohhh, how we love this cute, purple-ish dragon, since we spotted him in Journey into Imagination decades ago.

    We cannot wait to see Figment at the festival too. He must be working hard all these days so that the event goes as vibrant and magical as he wishes - with the help of all Disney Staff, of course.

    FIGMENT FARTS 2024 EPCOT (2).webp

    Now is the time!

    Let’s fly to shopDisney and get ourselves new merchandise based on Figment. You know what is even better? Most items have a discount right now! It's never a bad idea to save a few bucks, especially after a busy Holiday Season.

    figment-gingerbread-cookie-with-frosting-disney-munchlings-plush-–-micro-4-3/4''-–-limited-release">Figment Gingerbread Cookie with Frosting Disney Munchlings Plush – Micro 4 3/4'' – Limited Release

    Let’s start with one of the most adorable ones, just look at it, it’s so cuuteee! Ugh, I can’t contain my excitement about it (I already ordered mine, ops).

    shopDisney Figment FARTS.webp

    Original Price: $19.99
    Price with discount: $9.98

    figment-ceramic-sketchbook-ornament">Figment Ceramic Sketchbook Ornament

    We know Christmas has already said goodbye. This, however, is your chance to buy an unique ornament that will make a huge difference in your decorations at the end of the year. Meanwhile, you can put it in your room or studio, it will certainly look magical.

    shopDisney Figment FARTS 1.webp

    Original Price: $26.99
    Price with discount: $12.98

    figment-magicband+">Figment MagicBand+

    Ohh, how we love Magic Bands, they are truly magical and allow access to exclusive experiences for everyone who uses it. Now you can have them with your favorite purple-dragon! Magic Bands look so eye-catching and wonderful, especially for a colorful event such as FARTS.

    shopDisney Figment FARTS 2.webp

    Original Price: $44.99
    Price with discount: $32.98

    What do you think?

    Share with us which ones are your favorite products, and get the most out of these discounts by purchasing your top choices now. You can also send us a message and let Famvia take care of your next trip to Disney World! We will do everything, so you just sit down and relax. Until the next one, friend! Or should I say, until Friday?

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