• Guess Who Could Be in Orlando SOON?!

    Guess Who Could Be in Orlando SOON?!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 08, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    Guess Who Could Be in Orlando SOON?!

    We bet you wouldn’t believe the number of celebrities that walk around Disney World every day. Sadly, most of the time they are hidden by an entire team of bodyguards and cast members. What kind of celebrities, you might ask? Well, you can find actors and musicians like Harry Styles or Margot Robbie having a day off and, YES, even celebs have days off. Especially if they’re visiting a loved one…

    Here’s the biggest rumor: On  February 4th, 2024, Travis Kelce will be in Orlando for the 2024 Pro Bowl. The NFL recently announced the full roster for the Pro Bowl, and Travis Kelce, who happens TO be DATING TAYLOR SWIFT, will be in the game. For all of you who don't know about sports news, the NFL touts the Pro Bowl as “a week-long celebration of player skills featuring an exciting new format that spotlights football.”

    The event consists of a multi-day AFC vs NFC competition with a big game on Sunday, February 4th, 2024, at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando. Okay if we think about it and connect the dots... Travis Kelce, Orlando, (possibly) Taylor Swift, a multi-day event in sunny Florida.. what are we thinking? Is this the chance to spot Taylor and Travis walking around Disney!? 

    Yes, and knowing that their relationship is very public, we wouldn’t be shocked to see these two walking hand in hand in the Happiest Place on Earth. Well, probably with half the park guests being their bodyguards.

    It’s not impossible that they might visit Magic Kingdom or one of Disney World's theme parks. It’s only a 25-minute drive from Disney World to the stadium, after all. Travis Kelce seems like the type of guy who would enjoy a pair of Mickey ears and a churro, right? And wouldn’t Taylor look amazing in a great matching pair of Minnie's ears?  

    Of course, we are just speculating around here, but if we were rich and famous and were so close to Orlando, it wouldn’t be hard to find a Grand Suite at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort… just saying. If you happen to be in Disney World during the Pro Bowl Games, keep your eyes open for these two, and let’s wait to see what happens!

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