• Have You Heard of the Festival of Fantasy Parade?

    Have You Heard of the Festival of Fantasy Parade?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 07, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Have You Heard of the Festival of Fantasy Parade?

    Disney magic takes the streets!

    Walt Disney World always has a surprise under its sleeve. However, many events, shows, and attractions are well-known yet do not stop them from astonishing us every time we sit down to watch, like Hollywood Studios' Fantasmic. As Aslan said to Lucy, Things never happen the same way twice, dear one, and hardly ever once!

    That’s what makes Disney so magical, it constantly keeps us on the edge of our seat visit after visit!

    A wonderful parade awaits you

    Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade has been a great daily show that has stolen our attention and earned our love over the years at Disney's Magic Kingdom. From its vibrant ambiance to the beloved characters that can be seen all over, it creates the perfect formula for a remarkable experience for every family. Peter Pan, Snow White, Elsa... everyone comes over to the party!

    festival of fantasy parade disney (3).webp

    The parade lasts for approximately twelve minutes and starts at Frontierland, which is an area that gets pretty crowded during this time. It's truly a magical moment, especially with the Cinderella Castle shinning in the background as the floats make their way down Main Street USA. 

    What to expect?

    Guests can expect a visual feast that seems to never stop. The whimsical music, incredibly decorated floats, and the highlights of the show are your favorite Disney characters waving back to you with a smile on their face. Even the Seven Dwarfs take a day off from mining to join this wonderful parade! It's like Carnival has arrived for fifteen minutes at Magic Kingdom.

    festival of fantasy parade disney (2).webp

    Float after float passes by accompanied by several dancers and characters that may be afraid of heights (that's our best guess) and prefer to walk and enjoy a closer interaction with guests. You might even get a high-five!

    festival of fantasy parade disney (1).webp

    I cannot stress enough how impressive each floating looks, they are unique in their way. One of the most stunning ones is the Maleficient float, in the shape of a black dragon. 

    It makes you wish Disney could allow guests to hop on for once. Okay, maybe that would be too chaotic, how about only you or your family? In fact, there is a special float designed for only one family per parade, which is a nice touch.

    festival of fantasy parade disney (4).webp

    Keep in mind that the parade can be cancelled or suddenly stop due to weather changes. That’s why our team always suggests other alternatives in case anything like that happens! I mean, you can always visit Seven Dwarfs Mine Train during the parade and enjoy lower queue times.

    Thinking of your next Disney trip and how to enjoy this wonderful show? Do not worry, Famvia has your back. Contact our team and we will make sure to unveil all the details and give you great tips to get the most out of Walt Disney World.

    Until the next one, friend!

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