• Here's an Inside Look at Pixar Hotel’s Special Touches

    Here's an Inside Look at Pixar Hotel’s Special Touches

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Feb 02, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Here's an Inside Look at Pixar Hotel’s Special Touches

    Every detail of the new Pixar hotel was created was a magic wand!

    The amazing opening day of Pixar’s Hotel left us speechless, and that’s why we wanted to see the magic hands that made this possible. This week we were so excited for the grand opening that we also wanted to see every detail of this incredible building.

    From the moment you step inside the Pixar Hotel, you will notice the very unique and colorful design of all the uniforms used by the cheerful employees who are here to help you out. The uniforms are even inspired by Pixar’s iconic characters, like Buzz Lightyear and Nemo! The mastermind behind this creative vision was the Walt Disney Imagineering art director Kirstin Makela.

    You can see that the love for the art of animation is present in different ways, progressing from pixel to pigmentation throughout the whole place. The customer designer Yonit Olshan got inspiration from Walt Disney Imagineering floor-to-ceiling art to give life to some “pixelated” costumes.

    At the lobby, guests will be welcomed with art and displays inspired by the Pixar stories, including the front desk where we expect to see someone wearing something formal. Well, yes, it’s still a formal uniform that you will come across, but with a little bit of Pixar magic included.  

    It's in your room too!

    When you get to your room, cast members and housekeepers are wearing a piece of Pixar to maintain the whole energy in the hotel. Everywhere you move, Disney Pixar is going to say: “Hi, you are living a real-life movie made by us".

    We are so happy with the team at Disney for creating every detail part of the Pixar cinematographic world. Fans, guests and we are all loving it, and we can’t wait to see how this hotel will evolve in the coming months.

    Don’t forget that we can help you plan your entire trip! Leave the boring part to us, you just get ready to binge-watch Toy Story and enjoy your time at this beautiful place.

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