• It's Time To Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Disney

    It's Time To Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Disney

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 02, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    It's Time To Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Disney

    The Year of the Dragon has arrived at the most magical place on Earth!

    That’s right, the Chinese New Year Celebration is already kicking off, and we cannot contain the excitement of being part of this unique and cheerful celebration with the (always special) touch of Disney magic. Are you ready to hop on this new adventure?

    chinese new year shanghai resort4.webp
    Disney ©

    Let’s unwrap a few questions that may pop up before your next Disney trip to this wonderful and unique moment. All the images seen through the article are courtesy of Disney. They always manage to capture the best moments, how amazing!

    Where does it take place?

    The ultimate 2024 party spot is at the one and only Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, truly the most magical and enchanted places out there for such a special annual celebration.

    How is it celebrated at Shangai Disney Resort?

    Oh, that’s such a great question! There are many ways to paint the town red during this unique time but, certainly, it starts with a visual feast. From January 18th until February 24th, the celebration starts at full force, and it even features the beautiful hanging lanterns that can be found in every corner of the park.

    chinese new year shanghai resort6.webp
    Disney ©

    The splendid “Dragon’s Gate” will be fully decorated and safely guarded by our brave little friends, Chip ‘n’ Dale, who are already in full festive mode with their vibrant koi fish attire. They will also look after you if you plan to visit this side of Disneyland!

    chinese new year shanghai resort5.webp
    Disney ©

    Which Disney characters can be found during the celebration?

    Get your cameras ready, because at any moment you can bump into your favorite characters who are ready to make you smile. They will show off their New Year-inspired outfits with every guest, which represents the good fortune that the new year brings.

    chinese new year shanghai resort1.webp
    Disney ©

    That’s right, Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the crew are ready to say hi to you at any moment. You can easily find them when passing by Mickey Avenue or Fantasyland (Shanghai Disney Resort), Main Street, U.S.A., and Fantasy Gardens (Hong Kong Disneyland). 

    chinese new year shanghai resort2.webp
    Disney ©

    They will surely be waiting for you at different greeting spots. Even Winnie the Pooh and his friends are ready, how exciting!

    What about the fireworks?

    All right, I'm glad you asked about this. It wouldn't be Disney without the iconic fireworks shows, right? If you are visiting from February 9th to February 24th, prepare to be amazed by the colorful fireworks display that will showcase the word “dragon” in Chinese, this will certainly be a memorable experience for everyone.

    Are you ready for a wonderful time?

    Besides the incredible decoration, characters and experiences that are going to be there for all of you, there are also incredible new food items and Chinese New Year-inspired merchandise that will make your visit a memorable moment. 

    For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact our team, we will make sure you get the most out of this wonderful experience and plan your Disney trip without worries.

    Until the next one, friend!

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