• Meet the Classic Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom

Meet the Classic Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 08, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2024

Meet the Classic Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom

No waiting required for this Magic Kingdom ride!

Wait... they exist!? A ride where you don't need to wait a lot in Magic Kingdom!?

Amidst Disney World's ever-evolving attractions and changing wait times, there's a timeless gem that promises visitors a stress-free experience. Located in Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland, the Carousel of Progress is a classic ride that celebrates its nostalgic history and boasts minimal wait times. Yes, minimal waiting times. In Magic Kingdom. Praise the Sun!

Carousel of Progress made its debut at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair and retains its original magic. With its iconic tune, "There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" by the Sherman Brothers, it takes guests on a delightful journey through time.

What makes Carousel of Progress truly special is its practical appeal. The wait times rarely exceed 5 minutes, and the ride offers excellent air conditioning, which is a blessing during the Summer. Carousel of Progress remains a consistent ride, ideal to add to your list. 

Keep in mind that this is a long ride: the presentation takes around 21 minutes, which is basically the same time of most live shows around Disney World, like Festival of the Lion King. You will be able to witness a journey through time filled with several animatronics, all within a rotating theater experience.

In a park where long queues often dictate the day, the Carousel of Progress stands as one of the historic rides. Visitors can hop on board at any time without worrying about staying stuck here for hours. Take that, Peter Pan's Flight!

If you need a few more tips and info about Magic Kingdom, make sure to check out our guide! You can also send us a message, and we will make sure to reply as soon as possible. Until the next one!

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