• New Discovery Series Starbucks MUGS Available at Disney

    New Discovery Series Starbucks MUGS Available at Disney

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 19, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    New Discovery Series Starbucks MUGS Available at Disney

    Is it coffee time yet?

    One of our favorite collaborations is back, with an exclusive new release at Walt Disney World. We cannot wait for you to enjoy a great cup of coffee or maybe some tea through your day with this new merch.

    Joffrey's coffee disney (1).webp

    Magic Kingdom or EPCOT?

    We know choosing to visit just one of Disney park can be a hard decision, but it may be more difficult to choose from the two latest mugs that have been brought up to Disney Stores!

    Imagine waking up in the morning and starting the day with a big smile thanks to the delicious coffee that you have prepared in your brand-new mug, inspired by Magic Kingdom, or maybe you rather the one inspired by EPCOT?

    Some people even prefer to purchase them both and then choose one in the morning depending on their mood. One day immerse in a magical and fantasy world, and the other into a more futuristic world, yet keeping the same amount of magic that Disney brings to us. 

    disney and epcot (2).webp

    The Discovery Series

    This special edition, called “Discovery Series” is focused on showcasing the most iconic spots or elements of each park. The Starbucks mug inspired by Magic Kingdom can be found at the Starbucks location inside the park, specifically in the Main Street Bakery. 

    disney and epcot (3).webp

    The design stands out with a palette of yellow, blue, and pink that merge well together creating a magical design that decorates the mug. Even Tinker Bell is in there!

    Now the EPCOT Version

    If you move to the Creation Shop, you can find the EPCOT’s edition which is inspired by the classical colors of this wonderful world: sky blue tones plus a splash of purples and oranges which makes the design pop. 

    FIGMENT FARTS 2024 EPCOT (1).webp

    Our dear Figment is there too and you can even analyze the intriguing image of the World Showcase. It's cool and amazing how they make it fit all in this 14 fl. oz mug, I’m sure Figment has his hands in this.

    disney and epcot (1).webp

    If you’re ready to hop on a magical adventure to Disney World and purchase your favorite mug, then Famvia is ready to help you and prepare everything you need to make the most out of your trip. Send us a message, and let us handle everything for you! Until the next one, dear friend.

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